PAKISTAN: Oil and gas event to be held at Karachi Expo Centre from May 18 to 21

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — The ‘Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition and Conference (POGEE)’ will be held at the Karachi Expo Centre in Pakistan from May 18 to 21. 

Organised by Pegasus Consultancy, the conference aims to establish an internationally recognised energy forum for all stakeholders to reach a well-defined industry group. The organisers said POGEE will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the current situation in Pakistan’s energy industry as well as opportunities for networking to develop investment ideas and projects.

Pakistan will have to secure and diversify its energy resources to meet the needs of its growing economy and rising energy needs.

Pegasus Consultancy said this year’s conference will focus on issues related to energy security and emerging opportunities in the region.

Speakers will analyse trends and regulatory issues, discuss investment opportunities in Pakistan, the outlook on demand, supply and price as well as the growth potential in the LPG industry.

The conference will also discuss energy solutions for Pakistan’s industrial sector, issues surrounding coal power generation and mining, hydrocarbon exploration, and construction of hydropower plants.

Other topics addressed include trends in the supply and demand of natural gas, commercial application of CNG technology, replacement of diesel with CNG, government policies and incentives, sustainable development, renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes including wind, solar and  biofuels initiatives in Pakistan.

Speakers at the event include Rune Stroem (Asian Development Bank), Syed Rashid Husain (Azzat Est), Mahendra P Lama (Central University of Sikkim), Gulfaraza Ahmed (Petroleum Exploration), Kamal Raj Dhungel (Tribuvan University), Humayun Qureshi (MISL), Nazli Öykü US (Turkish Petroleum Corporation), Eugene Khartukov (Center for Petroleum Business Studies), Ellen Starostina (PetroStar Consultancy), Muneer A. Sheikh (National Electric Power Regulatory), N A Zuberi (Private Power and Infrastructure Board), Munir Ahmad (Harvard University), Muhammad Awais (GEO Resources and Management Services), and Ron Tan (PRC Gobal). 

For more information on POGEE 2009, please contact

TAIWAN: CPC may invest NT$100 billion in new oil refinery

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — Taiwan’s state-run oil firm CPC is considering building a new refinery in the city port of Kaohsiung in the southern part of the island. The proposed 200,000 b/d refinery would be sited near the company’s existing 220,000 b/d plant which is due to be shut down by 2015 amid growing…

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PHILIPPINES: Manila city reverses order for Pandacan oil depot relocation

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — The city of Manila will not force a relocation of the Pandacan oil depot. The city council recently voted 20 to 11 in favour of allowing the depot to continue operating despite concerns that it could become a target for terrorist due to its location in a densely populated residential…

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INDIA: Essar delays refinery expansion

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — Citing unfavourable market conditions, Indian downstream company Essar Oil said it will delay work on expanding its refinery in Gujarat state in north-western India. The company had planned to debottleneck and expand the capacity at the 12.5-million-tonne per year refinery in Vadinar to 16 million tonnes by end-2010. A second…

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CHINA: CNOOC starts up refinery at Huizhou

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) has started up its newly completed 240,000 b/d refinery in Huizhou in Guangdong province. The company is planning to raise throughput at the plant to 80% of capacity by next month. Officials said they expect China’s domestic fuels demand to slump on account of…

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CHINA: PetroChina unit to boost oil storage in Xinjiang

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — PetroChina said its affiliate, Xinjiang Oilfield Corporation, is boosting its crude oil storage capacity in the country’s western region by 60%. By 2010, the company expects to add 450,000 cubic metres of capacity to its Wangjiagou oil storage facility in the Xinjiang region, boosting capacity to 1.2 million cubic metres…

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SAUDI ARABIA: J. Ray McDermott awarded Karan offshore pipeline project

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — NYSE-listed McDermott International Inc said its subsidiary, J. Ray McDermott SA, has been awarded the Karan offshore platforms and subsea pipelines project by Saudi Aramco. The project involves work inside Saudi Arabia and outside the kingdom. Once complete, the facility will have a production capacity of 1,800 million cubic feet…

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BIOFUELS: Industry from 29 countries set up Global Renewable Fuels Alliance

(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — A total of 29 countries representing over 60% of global biofuels production have established the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance ( The alliance of industry associations from Canada, the US, and 27 European countries will promote and support biofuels friendly policies internationally so that all countries can harness the significant economic,…

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ASIA: Region faces worsening food, fuel and climate threats, says UN economic and social survey

(EnergyAsia, March 31, Tuesday) — The Asia Pacific region is facing its worst crisis from a coincidence of threats brought on by food and fuel price volatility, climate threats and the breakdown in the world financial system, said a UN agency. In its annual survey of the region, the UN Economic and Social Commission for…

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CHINA: Refiner Sinopec reports 47% drop in 2008 net profit

asset write-downs and weakening demand caused its net profit to fall 47.34% last year to 29.77 billion yuan. (US$1=6.85 yuan). Revenue for the world’s second-largest refiner after Exxon Mobil rose 21% to 1.42 trillion yuan. Reporting on its first profit decline in seven years, Sinopec, short for China Petroleum and Chemical Corp, said in a…

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CHINA: Increased LNG imports from Qatar

exporter, Qatar. Last June, China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC), which operates the country’s only LNG import terminal, has signed to import two million tonnes of LNG per year under a 25-year deal. CNOOC has established an office in Doha to deepen ties with Qatar and other Middle East suppliers. CNOOC reckons that it will…

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SAUDI ARABIA: Dubai Mercantile Exchange angling for benchmark role

 the exchange’s benchmark. Aramco is believed to link its crude against US West Texas Intermediate and Platts’ quotes. In 2007, the DME launched an Oman futures contract as it sought to establish a new pricing benchmark for oil exports from the Middle East to markets in Asia. Should Aramco move towards incorporating DME pricing into…

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DUBAI: Flowserve opens response centre to serve Middle East customers

(EnergyAsia, March 31, Tuesday) — Flowserve Corp, a leading provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, said it has opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing, repair, refurbishment services and engineering applications Quick Response Center (QRC) for pump and mechanical seal products in Dubai.

Located at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, the centre will support Middle East and Arabian Gulf region customers in the oil and gas, petrochemical, power, water, desalination, chemical and other industries.

The Flowserve Gulf Free Zone QRC is part of the company’s growing footprint of aftermarket service centres located near key customers around the world. The QRC network offers personal service, expertise and responsiveness to keep customers’ equipment operating at peak performance.

The mechanical seal capabilities of the Dubai facility include a fully trained staff capable of providing design, application, and manufacturing services for engineered seals.

In addition to repairing and manufacturing seals, Flowserve said it will provide onsite installation and start up support.

The Dubai facility has a state-of-the-art dynamic compressor gas seal tester capable of meeting the highest standards of the compressor seals installed in the region. Compressor gas seals can now be fully serviced, repaired, dynamically tested and supplied to regional customers through the QRC.

Resident compressor seal specialists and application engineers can provide onsite technical expertise for installation, commissioning and trouble shooting.

“This outstanding new facility helps us deliver the best possible service to our customers in the region across our full spectrum of maintenance, manufacturing, repair and test capabilities,” said Lewis Kling, Flowserve President and CEO.

“Flowserve is proud to continue to add to our world-class product and service offerings through the addition of this facility to our global QRC network.”

Jean-Claude Nasr, Flowserve director and general manager of Middle East operations and sales, said:

“We are pleased to continue our investment in enhancing our local capabilities and footprint in the Middle East.”

The facility is designed to address the service and repair needs of all pump, mechanical and compressor seal products regardless of original manufacturer.

AFRICA: Global Pacific & Partners’ 6th African Petroleum Week in London

(EnergyAsia, March 31, Tuesday) — Global Pacific & Partners will be holding its 6th African Petroleum Week 2009 in London, England from May 26 to 28.

The week will feature three high-level and separately bookable events: the 6th African Petroleum Frontiers, the 6th West African Oil, Gas & Energy, and the 25th PetroAfricanus Dinner.

African Frontiers focuses on the emerging countries and players in the continent, including onshore and offshore states and some with deepwater plays, including micro-states in the interiors and island worlds, as well as selected archipelagos. More such countries are entering the exploration cycle, delineating blocks, and opening previously neglected or untouched basin opportunities for small and large companies.

West African Oil, Gas &Energy focuses on the Gulf of Guinea arena where several countries have open acreage, new ventures have met with success, and in cases world-class discoveries (such as Ghana), as well as the oil, gas and LNG ventures that are found in West Africa. Numerous companies target West Africa across the value chain and a major upside in investments has been recorded in hydrocarbons.

The 6th African Petroleum Week offers an exceptional networking opportunity for business executives and state officials. PetroAfricanus has become an established occasion for intimate and high-level corporate interface within the African upstream industry worldwide.

Global Pacific & Partners (London, The Hague Johannesburg) are independent management advisors in global oil, gas and LNG projects for over 25 years worldwide.

CHINA: ‘Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ to be held in Beijing on May 12 and 13

CHINA: ‘Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ to be held in Beijing on May 12 and 13

(EnergyAsia, March 31, Friday) — The ‘4th Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ will be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beijing, China on May 12 and 13.

The conference will discuss challenges facing China’s renewable energy industry, its role in the global energy market, the impact of the economic downturn, challenges in the power industry and their impact on renewable energy growth, and trends in the wind energy sector.

The conference will also address climate change issues, risk profile of greentech investments in China, waste-to-energy projects, feedstock supply challenges, renewable energy financing in Europe and south Asia, solar energy, commercialisation of third generation biofuel technologies, and industrial energy efficiency.

The outlook on China’s energy requirements, policy changes and infrastructure development will also be discussed.

Speakers at the event include Li Junfeng (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries association (CREIA)), Liang Zhipeng (National Development and Reform Commission), Arthouros Zervos (European Renewable Energy Council), Gao Hu, Li Liyan and Qin Shiping (National Development and Reform Commission), Stephen Green (Standard Chartered Bank), Jotdeep Singh (Rabobank), Joseph Jacobelli (CLP Group), Alex Westlake (Clear World Energy), Wang Xiaocong (China Minsheng Banking corporation (CMBC)),

Frank Haugwitz (EU-China Energy and Environment Programme), Peng Xiaofeng (LDK),Qian Zhao (Trina Solar), Qin Haiyan (Chinese Wind Energy Association), Paulo Fernando Soares (Suzlon China), James (IW Power), Sebastian Meyer and Chris Raczkowski (Econcern), Ian Irvine (SgurrEnergy), Jimmy Shih (AES), Wu Gang (Goldwind), Wu Changhua (The Climate Group), Marco Terruzzin (Evolution Markets), Sudhir Bhat (First Climate Group), Don Ye (China Environment Fund), Gaël de Barmon (Natixis Private Equity Asia),

Qiu Liping (Milestone Capital), Andre Loesekrug-Pietri (China Equity Links Partners), Wang Mengjie (Rural Energy Industry Association), Allard M. Nooy (Covanta Energy), Carl Kukkonen (VIASPACE Inc), Gordon LeBlanc Jr. (PetroSun Inc), Calvin Q. Xu (IFC), Zhu Liyong (China Industrial Bank), Yu Yuanqi (PhasCon Technologies), Oliver Behrend (Mainsail Energy Ventures), Li Junfeng (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association), and Gaël de Barmon (Natixis Private Equity Asia).

The ‘4th Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ is organised by Euromoney Energy Events. For more information, please contact

SINGAPORE: Chemical and oil pollution conference during maritime week

(EnergyAsia, March 31, Tuesday) — The ‘6th Biennial International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference and Exhibition’ (ICOPCE 2009)’ will be held at the Raffles City Convention Centre in Singapore from April 21 to 24.

Organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), ICOPCE 2009 is the only conference dedicated to the prevention and preparedness for oil and chemical spills to be held in conjuction with Singapore Maritime Week.

The conference will feature a keynote address by Lim Hwee Hua, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport and presentations by oil majors, ship owners and managers, specialist response agencies and key industry bodies.

Speakers will be addressing the challenges in the transportation of oil, chemicals and petrochemicals. They will also discuss the latest trends in prevention, preparedness, response and clean-up of chemical and oil marine spills.

A pre-conference workshop will be held on April 21 and a chemical spill exercise on April 24.

Topics covered include trends in global oil and shipping operations, developing integrated response systems, best practice preparedness and response in Japan and Australia, changing requirements in safe shipping, and IMO Conventions and their impact on the industry.

The conference will focus on partnerships and cooperation to improve industry preparedness and response to oil spills, types and quantities of chemicals transiting through Singapore, disaster possibilities, risks in the chemical and petrochemical industries, and safety issues.

Speakers will discuss case studies including the ‘Hebei Spirit’ oil spill in South Korea.

Speakers at the event include Alexander Walker (Chevron Shipping Company), Satnam Singh Kumar (V Ships Asia), Woo-Rack SUH (Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation), Phil Davies (OCIMF), Peter Swift (Intertanko), Gavin Kramer (BP Shipping), Dave Salt (OSR), Bernard Lesegretain (Total Trading Asia), Raphael P.M. Lotilla (PEMSEA),

Nishigaki Kenji (Petroleum Association of Japan Australian Maritime Safety Authority), Paul Nelson (AMSA), Jason Yap (AEA Group), John Dipple (Seacor), John Brinkman (Imbibitive Technologies), Hor Weng Yew (AET Tankers), Willem Oosterveen (IOPC Funds),

Zafrul Alam (Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore), James Samuel (IMC Corp), Max Peirson (Stolt-Nielsen Singapore), Chan Kok Leong (GBLT Ship Management), Joe Loring (US Coast Guard), Rajalingam Subramaniam (MISC Bhd), and Bjorn Tore Markussen (DNV Maritime Solutions).

An interactive response simulation exercise will be conducted on day two of the conference. The role play session will focus on a spill scenario and provide participants with an opportunity to appreciate the practical problems and challenges encountered. Facilitators of the simulation include Hari Annan (BP Shipping), Chris Richards (SEMCO), Dave Salt (OSR), Wendy Ng (Charles Taylor Mutual Management), and Steven Ng (Mileage Communications).

For more information on the conference, please contact


MARKETS: IEA forecasts world oil demand to fall by 1.5% or 1.2 million b/d in 2009

(EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) — World oil demand is expected to fall by 1.5% or 1.2 million b/d to 84.4 million b/d this year on account of a possible shrinkage in the world GDP, said the International Energy Agency (IEA).The Paris-based energy watchdog for consuming countries said its latest forecast is based on a reassessment…

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SINGAPORE: Shiptek conference to be held on May 6 to 7

(EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) — An international conference on technology revolution in the marine and offshore industry, ‘Shiptek 2009’, will be held at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 6 and 7.

The event will include a maritime exhibition, Shiptek Expo 2009, which will provide participants with opportunities to network with top-level executives and forge trade relations with key industry players.

ShipTek Expo 2009 will feature a new technological concept, ‘Digital Show’, executed through Digi Booths.

Organised by BizTV Events, ‘Shiptek 2009’ is expected to attract delegates and exhibitors from around the globe including top-level executives from the industry.

The event’s partners include industry players including Berg Propulsion, Titanium Tantalum, Class NK, Goltens, Mandovi Drydocks, MSI and Mari-Time.

The third annual International Maritime Video and Excellence awards will be held at on the third day of the event at the Swissotel-Stamford Hotel.

BizTV Events said nominations have already been entered for the awards, as the ceremony aims to honour the outstanding contributions made by veterans towards the industry. Three special lifetime achievement awards will also be given out to the best players in the industry.

The organiser added that they will be launching Marine BizTV in Southeast Asia the same evening. ‘Shiptek 2009’ will be telecast live on

For more information on the event, please contact

SOUTH KOREA: ‘Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference’ to be held in Seoul on May 14 and 15

SOUTH KOREA: ‘Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference’ to be held in Seoul on May 14 and 15

(EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) — The ‘3rd Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference’ will be held at The Ramada Hotel in Seoul, South Korea on May 14 and 15.

Organised by Euro Petroleum Consultants, the conference will provide delegates with the latest economic and technology developments for upgrading crude oil residues including the modernisation of existing facilities, new equipment and catalyst technologies.

Speakers will discuss various issues including falling crude oil prices, demand growth, refinery energy management, residue upgrading processes.

Other topics covered include diesel production, UOP’s residue upgrading solutions, improving reliability with technologies, converting residues into petrochemicals,  designing a new coker and revamping an existing coker, DCU safety and reliability, and processing high Mercury crudes.

The conference will also examine new achievements for resid hydrotreatment with Hyyal technology, ways to optimise antifoam, advances in residue cracking catalyst technology, chemical programs to improve FCCU operations, and ways to minimise refinery costs with spiral heat exchangers.

Euro Petroleum Consultants said speakers at the event include executives from Nexant, KBC Advanced Technology, Chevron Lummus Global, Foster Wheeler, SFA Pacific, ConocoPhillips, KBR, Axens, Criterion Catalysts and Technologies, Shell Global Solutions, UOP, PDVSA Intevep, Baker Petrolite, Grace Davison Refining Technologies, Shaw Energy and Chemicals, Albemarle, Intercat, DeltaValve, Alfa Laval, Pall, and Mogas Industries.

For more information on ‘3rd Asia Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference’, please contact

MARKETS: CERA warns of ‘long aftershock’ from sustained low oil prices

 (EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) — Another consultant has warned that sustained weakness in oil prices could set the stage for sharply reduced supplies and a future price shock in the future.Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), known previously for its sanguine outlook on the oil markets, has joined the bandwagon of worriers with its new report,…

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MARKETS: OPEC lowers forecast for 2009 world demand yet again

 (EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) — OPEC has sharply lowered its forecast for 2009 world oil demand growth to minus one million b/d compared with the previous forecast for a contraction of 400,000 b/d. It has also reduced its estimate for 2008’s oil demand growth by 100,000 b/d to minus 300,000 b/d.The oil-exporting cartel said the latest…

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MARKETS: Oil prices could spike again between 2010 and 2013, says study

 (EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) — Oil prices could shoot up sharply again between next year and 2013 as oil consumption by developing countries resumes growing on the back of an economic recovery, said a study by MGI and McKinsey’s Global Energy and Materials Practice. In the short-term, the study predicts world energy demand growth to stagnate…

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CHINA: Coal conference to be held in Beijing on April 20 to 21

(EnergyAsia, March 30, Monday) —  ‘Coaltrans China’, said to be the leading conference for the world’s largest coal industry, will be held at the Sofitel Wanda Hotel in Beijing, China on April 20 and 21.

Speakers will analyse the uncertainties and opportunities in China’s coal industry, development strategies, regulations and policies for coal and coal-to-chemicals markets, the demand for seaborne coal, coal production and availability for the domestic market.

Other topics discussed include investment opportunities with local power developers, strategies to develop and expand production, impacts of the economic climate on energy investments, power demand outlook, pricing challenges for China’s power producers, and China’s role as a coal supplier.

The conference will also look at the production and demand of steel, challenges for China’s steel producers, freight, metallurgical coal, coking coal, Australia’s supply of coking coal, developments in Mongolian coking coal production, Canadian exports to Asia, new technologies as well as strategic investments.

The speakers include Jiang Zhimin (CNCA), Zhao Xiaoping (National Energy Administration), Hou Shiguo (Ministry of Industry and Information Promotion), Arthur Kroeber (Dragonomics Research & Advisory), Tayeb Tahir (Peabody China), Wang An (China National Coal Group Corporation), Ling Wen (Shenhua Holding Company), Wu Yongping (Datong Coal Mine Group), Joe Zhang (UBS AG).

Wang Yonggan (China Federation of Power Electricity Enterprises), Christopher S. Huang (Morgan Stanley), Deng Jianling (China Huadian Group), Hartono Widjaja (Banpu Group), Alexander Latzer (Merrill Lynch), Li Dan (Sinosteel), Gene Wusaty (SouthGobi Energy Resources Limited), Brian Ricketts (International Energy Agency), Jiang Hong Da (Simpson Spence & Young Shanghai Co), Yijun Chang (Shanxi Fenwei Energy Consulting), and Sacha Winzenried (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

CNCA vice president Pu Hongjiu will be delivering the opening keynote speech on regulation and the economy.

For more information on ‘Coaltrans China’, please contact

CHINA: Sinopec Group completes 950,000-cubic metre oil storage base in Shanghai

(Energy, March 30, Monday) — Sinopec Group said it has started up operations at its new 950,000-cubic metre crude oil storage terminal in Shanghai.The start-up of the new terminal coincides with the completion of the second phase of the 600,000-cubic metre Baishawan storage base….

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BOOK: Wiley’s ‘Wind Energy Handbook’

(EnergyAsia, March 27, Friday) — The ‘Wind Energy Handbook’ draws on the collective industrial and academic experience of several experts to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of wind energy research and provide a comprehensive overview of wind energy for electricity generation.

As environmental concerns focus attention on the generation of electricity from clean and renewable sources, wind energy has become the world’s fastest growing energy source.

The book features contributions from Tony Burton, David Sharpe, Nick Jenkins and Ervin Bossanyi.

It discusses wind turbine technology and wind farm design and development, an in-depth examination of the aerodynamics and performance of land-based horizontal axis wind turbines, a survey of alternative machine architectures and an introduction to the design of the key components, description of the wind resource, coverage of site wind speed prediction technique and discussions on wind farm siting constraints and environmental impact, integration of wind farms into the electrical power system, power quality, system stability and the functions of wind turbine controllers and design and analysis techniques.

With coverage ranging from practical concerns about component designs to the economic importance of sustainable power sources, the ‘Wind Energy Handbook’ is highly recommended for engineers, turbine designers, wind energy consultants and graduate engineering students.

For more information on the ‘Wind Energy Handbook’, please contact