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JAPAN: Oil companies restored 70-day stockpile on May 20

(EnergyAsia, May 31 2011, Tuesday) — Japan has reverted to its 70-day oil stockpile requirement, according to the trade ministry, as refiners that reduced throughput after the March 11 earthquake are close to operating normally again. Following the earthquake that crippled nuclear power plants in the northeastern Fukushima area, the government allowed the national oil […]

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CHINA: Canada seeks more time to decide on PetroChina-Encana deal

(EnergyAsia, May 31 2011, Tuesday) — Canada’s Industry Ministry said it needs more time to determine whether PetroChina’s planned C$5.4 billion acquisition of a 50% stake in a domestic natural gas venture complies with the country’s foreign investment law. (US$1=C$0.98). Christian Paradis is continuing the stance of his predecessor Tony Clement whose last statement before […]

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MARKETS: France aims to completely ban fracking shale to produce natural gas

(EnergyAsia, May 31 2011, Tuesday) — France could to take the world’s most decisive and radical position in dealing with growing concerns about the health, safety and environmental impacts of extracting gas from shale through the controversial hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ method. On June 1, the Senate will vote on passing into law a crucial […]

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MARKETS: Consultant said high energy prices could derail world economic recovery

(EnergyAsia, May 31 2011, Tuesday) — High oil prices could threaten the world’s already fragile economic recovery, said John Westwood, chairman of energy consultant Douglas-Westwood (DW). In a hard-hitting address at the recent Breakbulk Europe conference in Belgium’s Antwerp city, Mr Westwood cited his company’s research showing that since 1973 the US had entered recession […]

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AUSTRALIA: Prime Minister Gillard launched construction work on A$16-billion GLNG plant

(EnergyAsia, May 30 2011, Monday) — Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard has officially launched construction works on the massive A$16-billion Santos Gladstone liquefied natural gas plant (LNG) on Curtis Island in Queensland state. (US$1=A$0.98). Witnessing the start of a new economic boom for the region at last Friday’s ceremony were the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh […]

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MARKETS: EIA examines scenarios for the future of US energy in Annual Energy Outlook 2011

(EnergyAsia, May 30 2011, Monday) — The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has released its final version of Annual Energy Outlook 2011 (AEO2011) that includes 57 sensitivity cases based on different assumptions regarding market, policy and technology drivers, and their likely impact on energy production, consumption, technology, and market trends. In addition to considering alternative […]

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