INDIA: Planned giant refinery to boost nation’s total capacity by more than 25%

(EnergyAsia, August 28 2016, Sunday) — Confident that crude prices will remain low for some time, India is pushing ahead to build another giant oil refinery that will boost the nation’s total annual capacity by more than a quarter to 290 million tonnes. The proposed 60-million-tonne complex in the central western state of Maharashtra is (more…)

INDIA: Natural gas demand outlook uncertain and weak despite lure of low prices

(EnergyAsia, August 21 2016, Sunday) — Having never really dawned on India, the “Golden Age” of natural gas as coined by the International Energy Agency (IEA), could yet bypass the world’s third largest energy consumer altogether. Home to some of the world’s most polluted cities, India recognises the urgency to increase the consumption of cleaner-burning (more…)

INDIA: Energy sector faces array of infrastructure, policy, climate and economic challenges

(EnergyAsia, August 18 2016, Thursday) — India faces a long and arduous battle to drastically reform its under-performing, heavily-shackled energy sector needed to support the long-term growth of its economy, said analysts. Without a reliable system to ensure the supply of affordable oil, gas, coal and electricity, India’s economy will not be able to attract (more…)

INDIA: Oil and gas sector now fully opened to foreign investment

(EnergyAsia, August 17 2016, Wednesday) — India has completely opened up its long-protected oil and gas sector to foreign investment, marking a major breakthrough in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign to reform the country’s under-performing economy. Announcing the policy shift in Parliament last week, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan removed (more…)

INDIA: State firms keenly interested to buy into Russia’s Rosneft

(EnergyAsia, August 15 2016, Monday) — Indian state oil and gas firms are waiting for an opportunity to buy into Rosneft even as they are completing the purchase of a combined 38.9% stake in an East Siberian oil field from the Russian energy giant. India’s largest oil company ONGC is buying a 15% stake in (more…)