MALAYSIA: Vopak’s oil-petrochemical storage terminal on course to start up in 2019

(EnergyAsia, January 15, 2017, Monday) — Royal Vopak of the Netherlands said its jointly owned storage terminal in the southern Malaysian state of Johor is on course to begin operating in the first half of 2019. PT2SB, which is building the terminal to serve an integrated oil-petrochemical complex in the coastal town of Pengerang, passed (more…)

CHINA: Refiners exerting growing influence on world oil markets

(EnergyAsia, January 11, 2017, Thursday) — China’s influence on the world’s oil markets is growing, thanks in part to the increasing role of its refiners in boosting both crude imports and product exports at the same time. The rest of Asia is feeling the impact most as Chinese refiners are outbidding other crude buyers and (more…)

ASIA: Region’s oil bill surged by over 25% in 2017

(EnergyAsia, January 10, 2018, Wednesday) — Asia’s oil expenditure could rise another 9% in 2018 after surging by an estimated 25% last year, according to calculations based on US government data and projections. But analysts warn these numbers could prove conservative if new and bigger conflicts break out in the Middle East and North Asia. (more…)