(EnergyAsia, June 9 2014, Monday) — Aggreko, a UK-based leading provider of temporary power and temperature control services, has expanded its Southeast Asian operations by opening a new depot in Songkhla in Thailand and adding to the electricity generation capacity on Indonesia’s Bali Island.

Aggreko said the Songkhla depot will help raise service standards for existing and potential customers throughout Southeast Asia.

Having traditionally served regional customers from a central location in Singapore, the new service depot will help bridge the power needs of Thailand and neighbouring Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

“We are excited by the prospect of increasing our business activity in Thailand, whose vibrant economy and proliferation of relevant industries makes it an obvious location for a second regional depot,” said Debajit Das, Aggreko’s Asia Pacific regional director.

“Thailand is the cornerstone of Aggreko’s growth plans in Southeast Asia. We aim to build on the success we have already achieved to grow our customer base here and in neighbouring countries by delivering unmatched scale, deep sector-specific knowledge and an experienced team that understands both the local and regional energy landscape,” said Kuah Boon Kiam, the company’s general manager for Southeast Asia.

In Bali, Aggreko said it recently completed a 45 MW expansion project to add to the 125 MW of capacity it had been delivering to the city.  The generators are designed to use diesel, natural gas and fuel oil.

The additional capacity, implemented in collaboration with Indonesia Power subsidiary PT Cogindo Daya Bersama, will help the island resort meet 23% of its rising electricity demand that is far exceeding its existing supply capability. The two companies worked together to install the initial 125MW of capacity in Pemaron in northern Bali in 2010.

“With a booming economy and demand for energy increasing steadily by approximately 9.75% each year, the 45 MW capacity expansion was commissioned in Pesanggaran near the Bali city centre to bolster the existing power infrastructure and ensure the continued strong performance of the region’s tourism industry,” said Aggreko.

Mangampin Saragi, PT Cogindo Daya Bersama’s President, said:

“With Bali attracting an estimated 300,000 visitors each month, tourism is vital to the local community’s economic prosperity.

“The addition of 45 MW into the grid reflects our desire to strengthen the region’s energy infrastructure and ensure Bali remains an attractive destination.”