(EnergyAsia, May 29) — Australia’s Transpacific Industries is set to move into the biodiesel sector.


Executive chairman Terry Peabody said the company plans to buy over a biodiesel plant in Queensland state. It now collects about 20 million litres of waste cooking oil every year that can be recycled as a feedstock for biodiesel production.


Beyond its homebase, Transpacific is looking to Asia for renewables opportunities. The company is studying a project in Beijing to recycle waste hydrocarbon oil.


Last month, it announced it would merge with Waste Management New Zealand and bid for Brambles Industries’ Cleanaway waste division. The combination of Transpacific and the Cleanaway business would result in huge synergies, said Mr Peabody.


TransPacific has been on an active acquisition trail, doing 18 deals over the past 12 months, each worth between A$5 million and A$20 million.