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IRAN: Oil supply could surge even before conclusion of nuclear deal with six world powers

(EnergyAsia, August 21 2015, Friday) —Kept out of the international market by trade sanctions for years, Iranian oil could be flowing again a lot sooner than expected following Tehran’s July 14 breakthrough talks with six world powers over its nuclear energy programme. The six, known as the P5+1 group, include the five UN Security Council […]

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MALAYSIA: Petronas faces negative cash flow in 2015; 2Q net profit plunged 47.3%

(EnergyAsia, August 18 2015, Tuesday) — After announcing a 47.3% plunge in second quarter profit, the CEO and president of Malaysia’s state-owned energy firm Petronas said he expects the company to tap into cash reserves this year to help pay for on-going operations, capital investments and mandated dividends to the government. (more…)

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MARKET: Developing countries continue to boost coal consumption, say scientists in new research study

(EnergyAsia, August 12 2015, Wednesday) — Despite growing calls to reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, China, India and many developing countries are increasing their consumption of the most polluting fossil fuel — coal, according to a new study undertaken by three scientists at the Berlin-based Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change […]

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