(EnergyAsia, August 26 2011, Friday) — The Bangladeshi government is looking to build 12 new tanks with a total capacity to store 120,000 tonnes of diesel and fuel oil in different parts of the country to support the operations of oil-based power plants.

The Energy Ministry is aiming to complete the tanks by next year as it expects the country’s fuel imports to rise to five million tonnes next year from 3.5 million tonnes this year.

State-owned Jamuna Oil Company Ltd is investing nearly 420 million taka to build three 10,000-tonne tanks at its Baghabari port in Pabna by next June. The port now has a total storage capacity of 42,000 tonnes. (US$1=74 taka).

Meghna Oil Company Ltd will invest 281 million taka to build three 10,000-tonne tanks at its Chittagong depot, while state-owned Eastern Refinery Ltd (ERL) will invest 474 million taka to develop three tanks, also in Chittagong, with a total capacity of 39,000 tonnes.

Padma Oil Company Ltd will develop a 7,000-tonne tank to hold jet fuel and two 7,5000-tonne tanks to store diesel storage tanks at Godenail in Narayanganj at a total cost of 271 million tonnes. The company’s Godenail tanks have the capacity to store 11,700 tonnes of diesel, 500 tonnes of fuel oil and 3,000 tonnes of jet fuel.

The ministry is under growing pressure to expand and upgrade the country’s energy infrastructure to meet its fast-rising power demand. The government has overseen the development of several oil-based power stations over the last two years.