(EnergyAsia, September 28) — Finland’s W’rtsil’ Corporation said it was awarded contracts last month to supply gas-fuelled generating sets for two separate power plants in Bangladesh.


The generating sets have been ordered by Summit Power Ltd, an independent power producer in Bangladesh. Three W’rtsil’ 20V34SG generating sets with a combined electrical output of 25,190 kWe will be installed in one plant at Narsingdi. Two W’rtsil’ 16V34SG generating sets of 13,940 kWe electrical output are to be installed in the other plant at Comilla.


The generating sets are due for delivery at port of shipment in February 2006 and both plants will be fully operational in July 2006.


The projects are extensions of existing plants owned and operated by Summit Power Ltd under a power purchase agreement with the Bangladeshi Rural Electrification Board (REB). They will both be connected to the 33 kV national grid.


The REB is responsible for the financial support, technical oversight and direction of the rural electrification programme in Bangladesh.


Wartsila said: “This is a major long-term programme to extend mains electricity supplies to the remote areas of the country as part of rural economic development. Although large generating plants are connected to the national grid in Bangladesh, small plants such as these at Narsingdi and Comilla are also being installed by independent power producers under BOO (build, own and operate) contracts to help meet the rising demand for electricity.”


The generating sets at Comilla will have the first 16-cylinder 34SG-type engines delivered by W’rtsil’. W’rtsil’ 34SG gas engines are proving popular for industrial and local power plants in many countries worldwide with local supplies of natural gas.


Wartsila said: “With unit power outputs up to 9 MW at 750 rpm, they are the most powerful gas engines on the market today. They also have the benefits of high efficiency, low exhaust emissions, high reliability and low maintenance requirements. For example, the 20-cylinder W’rtsil’ 34SG has a heat rate of 7880 kJ/kWh, equivalent to a brake efficiency of 45.7%. Overall, W’rtsil’ 34SG engines are thus cost-effective alternatives to gas turbines.”


Summit Power Co. Ltd. is the first indigenous private sector power producer to enter into a build, own and operate (BOO) contract with the Rural Electrification Board (REB) of Bangladesh to operate small power plants. The rural power stations are considered model projects for rapidly increasing electricity coverage of rural Bangladesh. Summit Power is an ISO 9001 certified company. The total generation capacity of Summit Power is expected to rise to 132 MW in the near future.