The leading group for China”s West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project held its seventh workshop meeting in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing yesterday.


During the meeting, PetroChina signed natural gas sales agreements with 12 customers. They include Tuzhou Ruixing Chemical Co., Anhui Gaojia Gas Co., Wangting Power Plant, Qishuyan Power Plant, Huaneng Jinling Power Plant, Zhangjiagang Power Plant, Zhongyou Hengran Oil & Gas Co., Kunshan Zhongyou Hengran Oil & Gas Co., Liyang Fuel Gas Co., Jiangsu Province Natural Gas Investment & Development Co., Suzhou Industry Park Lantian Natural Gas & Thermoelectricity Co., and Zhenjiang Gas Company Ltd.


To date, PetroChina has signed the agreements with a total of 40 downstream customers. The total volume of gas involved in those agreements has now reached 12 billion cubic meters per year, which is the designed annual gas transmission volume.


Present at the meeting were Zhang Guobao, vice chairman of the State Development and Reform Commission and also group leader for the construction of the West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project, and Chen Geng, president of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and Chairman of PetroChina Company Ltd.


During the meeting, representatives listened to the report covering PetroChina’s preparation for the ceremony that will celebrate the start-up of production in the West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project. The ceremony will be held today, and careful preparatory work for commercial operation of the project is already under way.