California-based Largo Vista Group Ltd said it has completed construction of the first pipeline and station infrastructure to deliver liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to over 1,000 condominiums for government employees in Zunyi city inChina’s Guizhou province.

The company said the project “is the first of its kind in the region and sets a model for the future of planned communities.”

The project’s phase 1 agreement calls for the government to take the lead role in collection of the hookup fees. The state Price Supervision Bureau will issue a specific document to regulate LPG service charges with the end user based upon actual costs or budget schedules, thus guaranteeing a pipeline budget surplus for the operation.

Li Chuming, Largo Vista’s general manager of Zunyi operations, said: “Our construction efforts were within our budget and completed on schedule.” He also noted “that the local government and the residents have encouraged Largo Vista to create a plan that improves civilian energy distribution and local industrial energy sources while taking the environment in consideration and still providing the convenience and savings of the gas pipelines. Once Largo is “on-line” the company will have the exclusive rights to supply the pipelines.”

Deng Shan, the company’s chairman, said “The reality of Largo Vista group expanding into a multiple source energy company with pipeline infrastructure, distribution, and the trading of petrochemicals has begun to take shape. And with the earlier strategic trade agreement with Pertamina or Petral to develop and supply the petrochemicals in Vietnam and China, Largo Vista is in position to increase market share as well as expand into other nations inside of the Pacific Rim.”