(EnergyAsia, September 30, Monday) – KBC Advanced Technology plc (KBC) said it has launched an alternative fuels and feedstocks service (AFFS) in response to changes in the market including the high price of crude oil, challenges of crude supply, pressures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and the increased availability of “green fuels.”

Companies considering building or operating alternative fuel plants or utilising alternative feedstocks need to optimise designs and operations to maximise yields of high value products, minimise energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, ensure reliability, and operate at optimum staffing levels using Best Practice systems, work processes, procedures, and tools.

KBC provides leading capital excellence services to help companies understand the options and make the right decisions for their facility. Its operations excellence) services for alternative fuels and feedstocks assist companies to effectively operate this type of facility.

George Bright, KBC CEO, said: “The AFFS service offering is a natural extension to our existing business. With almost 30 years of proven success in working with the leading players in the hydrocarbon processing sector, our expertise is directly applicable to the alternative fuels arena regardless of the original source of the feedstock – crude oil, gas, coal, or biomass; we have successfully completed projects in tar sands, coal-to-liquids (CTL), gas-to-liquids (GTL), and bio and synthetic fuel integration.

“KBC looks forward to helping more companies meet the challenges of serving the demand for transportation fuels in this ever-changing crude oil supply and alternative fuels marketplace. This is an exciting time in the industry.”

KBC Advanced Technologies plc, a leading independent consulting, process engineering and software group, delivers improved operating performance to the oil refining, petrochemical, and other process industries worldwide. It provides process consulting, strategic planning advice, energy price forecasting and market analysis, economic studies, capital project services, and training to help clients achieve their business objectives and improve their competitive position.

 Advanced Technology plc (KBC) said it has launched an