(EnergyAsia, May 27 2010, Thursday) — The Indian government is looking to relocate 45 oil depots out of densely populated regions after completing its review of the devastating fire that destroyed the Indian Oil Corporation fuel terminal in Jaipur city. More than a dozen people were killed in the October 29 fire which has forced a nation-wide review of fuel storage operations.

Announcing the review’s findings, Minister of State for Petroleum Jitin Prasada said the Oil Industry Safety Directorate had found that fire fighting facilities were inadequate and standard operating procedure manuals were missing at some depots.

Mr Prasada said the government has shut down 35 facilities and relocated 59 fuel depots from dense habitations in recent years.

India has more than 300 fuel terminals for storing gasoline and kerosene located in different parts of the country. The oil companies have estimated that it would cost an average Rs 1.5 billion to relocate their fuel depots.