company, has brought on stream a 580,000 b/d export-oriented oil refinery at Jamnagar city in Gujarat state. Originally due to start up in June, the $6 billion plant was completed within 36 months, and will reach operating capacity by the first quarter of next year.

Using the best technology, the refinery, which is 5% owned by US major Chevron, is equipped to process very heavy, sulphur crudes such as those from Venezuela. It will export the bulk of its products to the US and Europe as it is capable of producing environmentally demanding Euro-IV and Euro-V grade fuels with little fuel oil left over.

Its secondary units include 305,000 b/d of vacuum distillation capacity, 220,000 b/d catalytic feed hydrotreating, 200,000 b/d fluidised catalytic cracking, 200,000 b/d delayed coking, 110,000 b/d hydrocracking, 85,000 b/d continuous catalytic cracking, 85,000 b/d alkylation and 260,000 catalytic product hydrotreating. It is also capable of producing 900,000 tonnes of propylene a year.

Combined that with an existing 660,000 b/d plant, the company, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani`s Reliance Industries Ltd, now owns and operates the world’s largest single-location refinery.

The combined 1.24 million b/d refinery complex will be contributing to the weakened state of the refining industry, which has been hard hit by declining margins and reduced demand growth in the world’s oil markets.