SINGAPORE (AFX-ASIA) – SembCorp Gas, a unit of SembCorp Industries unit SembCorp Utilities, said it expects no material impact from a pipeline leak that has halted natural gas supplies to Singapore from Indonesia’s offshore West Natuna field since Nov 14.

The leak has disrupted the supply of gas to SembCorp Gas power generating customers but the supply of gas to its 51 industrial customers has largely been unaffected by the disruptions.

“SembCorp Gas is maintaining continuous and uninterrupted supply of natural gas to our industrial customers,” SembCorp Gas director Francis Gomez said.

“We have been in contact with the pipeline operator, ConocoPhillips Indonesia since Nov 14, when the leak occured. The gas inflow, though reduced, is sufficient to meet the demands of our industrial customers,” he said.

However, power generation companies using natural gas to run their power plants had been affected and had been forced to swith to alternative fuels for the time being to ensure that electricity supplies to their customers are not disrupted.

Power generation companies are the bigger users of gas supplied by SembCorp Gas but a spokeswoman for SembCorp Gas said they do not expect any “material impact” from the gas supply disruption to power generation companies.

“We are working with ConocoPhillips to restore full gas supply to our power generating and industrial customers,” SembCorp Gas’ Mr Gomez said.

SembCorp Gas imports 325 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas from West Natuna via a 640-kilometer undersea pipeline.