(EnergyAsia, Feb 25) — Sri Lanka’s lubricants manufacturers will market their products through the retail outlets of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC). Shell, BP, Castrol, Mobil and Valvoline will join Caltex in offering their lubricants at CPC’s 125 stations thoughout the country.


The companies recently signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) following the termination of CPC’s exclusive agreement with Caltex last November, said CPC’s deputy general manager (marketing) Ranjith Wickramasinghe.


“We want to give equal opportunity for other players in the lubricant business while providing an opportunity for our consumers to have a wide-brand choice,” he said.


With the new agreements, motorists can choose from a variety of lubricant brands offered by Shell, BP, Castrol, Mobil and Valvoline.


CPC is planning to set up its own lubricant blending plant at Sapugaskanda in the near future.