ASIA: Refiners to favour diesel production over gasoline to increase profit margins, predicts consultant

(EnergyAsia, August 23 2012, Thursday) — As a result of a growing gasoline glut through 2015, Asian refineries will favour producing diesel and gasoil, said energy consulting group Wood Mackenzie. A global surplus of gasoline reduces the export opportunity for Asian refiners but the rising diesel shortage in the region’s emerging economies provides an opportunity (more…)

CHINA: Shell to build its seventh lubricants blending plant in Tianjin

(EnergyAsia, August 23 2012, Thursday) — European major Shell said it is building its seventh lubricants blending plant in Nangang in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin. Due to start up in 2015 with an annual production capacity of 300 million litres, the plant can be expanded to 500 million litres at a later stage. (more…)

VIETNAM: Four-year plan with ADB to focus on “inclusive growth and economic efficiency

(EnergyAsia, August 23 2012, Thursday) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it could lend Vietnam as much as US$3.8 billion to implement a new four-year partnership strategy that will focus on promoting inclusive and sustainable growth, and economic efficiency in the country. The strategy will focus support on six core sectors: agriculture and natural (more…)

CHINA: Coal imports up more than 55% in first seven months of year

(EnergyAsia, August 22 2012, Wednesday) — Despite reports of slowing demand, Chinese coal imports have risen more than 55% to 164.1 million metric tons in the first seven months of this year. According to official customs data, China imported 105.5 million metric tons for the same period period last year. Undeniably, however, its coal purchases...

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CHINA: Consortium to build and operate 154-billion-yuan coal railway network

(EnergyAsia, August 22 2012 Wednesday) — China Coal Energy Co Ltd said it and 15 companies have formed a consortium to invest 154-billion-yuan in a new railway network to improve the transportation of coal from mines, ports and storage centres to power plants around the country. (US$1=6.36 yuan). China Coal Energy, the country’s second largest...

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INDIA: Punj Lloyd awarded contract to for underground crude oil storage in Karnataka state

(EnergyAsia, August 22 2012, Wednesday) — Indian infrastructure builder Punj Lloyd said it has secured a 3.3-billion rupee contract from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.  Punj Lloyd will provide process facilities and utility services for an underground crude oil storage cavern being constructed on the country’s west coast. (US$1=55 rupees). The cavern, sited (more…)

MARKETS: With ban on Iran oil, OPEC crude oil output fell to 31.45 million b/d in July, says Platts

(EnergyAsia, August 22 2012, Wednesday) — The start of a global trade ban on Iranian crude oil led to last month’s slight drop in crude oil production by Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) members, said US energy media Platts. In a survey of OPEC and industry officials and analysts, Platts said OPEC output fell (more…)

MALAYSIA: MISC and Singapore’s CAO terminate plans to build oil storage in Johor state

(EnergyAsia, August 22 2012, Wednesday) — MISC Bhd, the Malaysian energy shipping firm, and Singapore’s jet fuel trader, China Aviation Oil (CAO), said they have terminated a shareholder agreement to jointly build and operate an oil storage tank terminal in the southern Malaysian state of Johor. In separate statements, MISC, which owns and operates oil (more…)

CHINA: Greenpeace predicts “widespread water crises” with new coal mines, power plants

(EnergyAsia, August 21 2012, Tuesday) — China’s worsening water supply shortages will become “severe widespread crises” if it succeeds in building 16 new major coal-based centres in the country’s north-western region by 2015, said Greenpeace. According to a study that Greenpeace commissioned a Chinese Academy of Sciences agency to undertake, the new centres comprising coal...

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CHINA: Sinochem aims to more than double Zhejiang oil storage capacity by 2014

(EnergyAsia, August 21 2012, Tuesday) — Chinese state commodities firm Sinochem Corp has started work on expanding an existing 31-million barrel oil storage terminal in eastern Zhejiang province. When completed in early 2014, the Aoshan Island terminal will become the country’s largest with the capacity store up to 50 million barrels of crude. The project...

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PEOPLE: GE appoints Hisham Albahkali as President and CEO for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

(EnergyAsia, August 21 2012, Tuesday) — US business conglomerate GE has promoted Hisham Albahkali, previously Saudi Arabia’s executive for GE Energy, to President and CEO for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. A Saudi national, Mr Albahkali will lead GE’s expansion in its diverse range of businesses including oil and gas, power, water, aviation and healthcare in (more…)

SINGAPORE: Jaya appoints George Horsington to lead business development, secures deals to build vessels

(EnergyAsia, August 21 2012, Tuesday) — Jaya Holdings, a Singapore-based offshore energy services company, said it has appointed George Horsington as President of Business Development. Mr Horsington, 38, who has held senior management positions with UK’s Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Ltd, will join Jaya on September 6 to take charge of all areas of business (more…)

CHINA: Coal production to grow by 3.7% in 2012, down from 8.6% in 2011

(EnergyAsia, August 17 2012, Friday) — Under pressure from slowing domestic demand and rising imports, the world’s leading coal producing country will raise output by just 3.7% this year, down from 8.6% last year and 9% in 2010. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China’s main economic planning agency, has set a new coal...

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THAILAND: PTT to invest 100 billion baht in fuel storage terminals

(EnergyAsia, August 17 2012, Friday) — Thai state energy firm PTT said it is preparing to invest 100 billion baht to support the government’s plan to raise the country’s strategic oil stockpile from 43 days to 90 days of consumption. At a recent forum on oil risk management in Bangkok, a senior company official said...

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MARKETS: OPEC faces “period of no growth”, says ESAI

(EnergyAsia, August 17 2012, Friday) — Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) members will have little room to boost oil production over the next five years, US consulting firm Energy Security Analysis Inc (ESAI). In its latest five-year forecast of the global crude oil markets, the Wakefield, Massachusetts firm said the call on the cartel’s (more…)

CHINA: ADB recommends green tax and fiscal reform to spur pro-environment economic growth

(EnergyAsia, August 17 2012, Friday) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has urged China to initiate comprehensive fiscal, economic and legal measures to achieve ambitious targets for reducing pollution while growing the economy. While praising China’s green progress including its increased investment in environmental infrastructure, greater focus on achievable targets, and strengthened accountability and enforcement, (more…)

THAILAND: Foster Wheeler awarded contract for power plant’s waste heat recovery unit

(EnergyAsia, August 17 2012, Friday) — Foster Wheeler AG said a subsidiary of its Global Engineering and Construction Group has been awarded a contract to deliver a waste heat recovery unit for a power generation and heat recovery project at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Complex in Thailand. Foster Wheeler will design, engineer and supply (more…)

PHILIPPINES: IMF team provides overview and update of upstream petroleum sector

(EnergyAsia, August 16 2012, Thursday) — The following is an edited version of a section of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on the state of the Philippines’ mining and petroleum industries, and the need for fiscal reforms. The report was published following an investigation undertaken in response to a request by Cesar V. Purisima,...

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MALAYSIA: Malakoff starts building 1,000MW coal-fired coal-fired power plant in Johor state

(EnergyAsia, August 16 2012, Thursday) — Malaysian independent power producer, Malakoff Corporation Berhad, has started work on the construction of Southeast Asia’s largest coal-fired power plant in Tanjung Bin in the southern state of Johor. The company is investing a total of RM6.5 billion in the 1,000MW plant which will more than triple the generating (more…)

IRAQ: Law firm Herbert Smith comments on bilateral investment agreement signed with Japan

(EnergyAsia, August 16 2012, Thursday) — The following is an edited version of a commentary by the Tokyo office of law firm Herbert Smith on a bilateral investment agreement or treaty (BIT) signed by Japan and Iraq on June 7 2012.As the first BIT between Iraq and a major economy, this is a significant and (more…)

CHINA: ADB provides support for development and implementation of carbon capture and storage plans

(EnergyAsia, August 16 2012, Thursday) — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it is assisting China in developing a road map for carbon capture and storage (CCS) to help achieve the country’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction goals. The bank is working with Chinese officials to develop a detailed plan for a staged demonstration and (more…)

SRI LANKA: Power cuts to continue

(EnergyAsia, August 15 2012, Wednesday) — Sri Lanka may continue to suffer daily power cuts for at least a few more weeks due to constant breakdowns at a 17-month-old coal-fired power plant which accounts for nearly 10% of the nation’s 3.1-gigawatt generating capacity. The Chinese-built plant at Norochcholai has broken down at least five times...

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MALAYSIA: Petronas selects Air Products to provide expertise for floating LNG project

(EnergyAsia, August 15 2012, Wednesday) — US-based Air Products said its leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology and equipment will be used on a floating LNG (FLNG) production platform 180 km off the coast of eastern Malaysia. State oil and gas company Petronas has selected Air Products for its first floating platform to produce 1.2 million (more…)

CHINA: Sales of more than 152,000 plug-in electric vehicles by 2017 to fall short of government targets, says Pike

(EnergyAsia, August 15 2012, Wednesday) — China will not meet either of its ambitious production or sale targets for its plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) later this decade, said US-based Pike Research. According to its latest report, China’s PEV production will fall well short of the government’s goal of manufacturing 500,000 PEVs a year by 2015 (more…)

AUSTRALIA: ECT to apply for government funding for development of coal upgrading technology

 (EnergyAsia, August 15 2012, Wednesday) — ASX-listed Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT) said it will apply for part of an A$90 million funding package offered by the Australian government to accelerate new lignite upgrading technologies in the Latrobe Valley. Under the terms of the Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program (ALDP), funds will be allocated to companies, which (more…)