ASIA: Region’s economic outlook remains resilient despite tough environment, says ADB

(EnergyAsia, September 30 2016, Friday) — Asia’s developing economies remain on course for another two years of strong growth despite the headwinds of tough global conditions, predicts the Asian Development Bank (ADB). In its latest survey of the region, the bank said it expects the 45 developing economies to grow by a collective 5.7% in (more…)

ASIA: Oil and gas import dependence to rise as refiners missed chance to add capacity, says Bain

(EnergyAsia, September 22 2016, Thursday) – Asia’s import dependence on oil and gas products is set to rise further as the region’s refiners have largely failed to add or upgrade production capacity to take advantage of low feedstock cost over the last two years, said Bain & Company.

MIDDLE EAST: Region’s market for protecting oil and gas industry worth US$13 billion by 2018

(EnergyAsia, September 19 2016, Monday) — The market for protecting oil and gas infrastructure in the Middle East is worth US$18 billion by 2018, with cybersecurity spending in the global industry expected to reach US$1.87 billion, according to an Abu Dhabi event organiser citing separate studies. The Middle East study was undertaken by MarketsandMarkets while (more…)