COMPANIES: Maersk Oil, Siemens to work on developing clean-power turbines

(EnergyAsia, December 15 2011, Thursday) — Denmark’s Maersk Oil said it and Germany’s Siemens have agreed to jointly develop and build turbines for its proprietary tri-generation clean power generation technology. Maersk Oil said its TriGen power generator burns natural gas mixed with pure oxygen to produce clean power, water and ‘reservoir ready’ carbon dioxide (CO2) (more…)

AUSTRALIA: Japan’s Inpex sign 15-year deal to import US$70 billion worth of LNG

(EnergyAsia, December 15 2011, Thursday) — Japanese companies have agreed to import around 70% of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) output from the Ichthys project off Australia’s Northern Territory state for 15 years from 2017. Upstream company Inpex Corp said its 74.8%-owned Ichthys LNG Pty Ltd will supply a total of four million tonnes of...

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SAUDI ARABIA: Platts disputes Oil Minister’s claim of oil output exceeding 10 million b/d

(EnergyAsia, December 14 2011, Wednesday) — US energy media group Platts said Saudi Arabia produced just 9.7 million b/d of crude oil last month, well below the 10 million b/d figure claimed by Oil Minister Ali Al Naimi at a conference in Riyadh early this month. In a speech delivered on his behalf by a...

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MARKETS: FAO says ‘energy-smart’ agriculture needed to escape fossil fuel trap

(EnergyAsia, December 14 2011, Wednesday) — The global food system needs to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels to succeed in feeding a growing world population, said the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). “There is justifiable concern that the current dependence of the food sector on fossil fuels may limit the sector’s ability to...

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CHINA: US Peabody Energy acquired 5.1% stake in Winsway Coking Coal Holdings

(EnergyAsia, December 14 2011, Wednesday) — US Peabody Energy said it has acquired a 5.1% equity interest in Hong Kong-listed Winsway Coking Coal Holdings Ltd for an undisclosed sum. Deutsche Bank brokered the acquisition which was made over a series of purchases, said Peabody. The two companies, which operate a joint venture in Mongolia that holds...

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MARKETS: World Energy Council predicts fuel demand to grow sharply in China and India, decline in developed countries

(EnergyAsia, December 14 2011, Wednesday) — The World Energy Council (WEC) expects rapid Chinese and Indian transport fuel demand growth to enable consumption in the developing countries to exceed that of the developed world by 2025. Between now and 2050, the council expects fuel demand to grow by 200% in China and by 300% in (more…)

GAS: US government confirms ‘fracking’ chemicals found in water aquifer

(EnergyAsia, December 14 2011, Wednesday) — In a report confirming the complaints of environmental and farming groups, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it found toxic chemicals used in producing natural gas through the hydraulic fracturing process in drinking water in Wyoming state. The agency said its draft analysis of data obtained from an (more…)

AUSTRALIA: Sinopec to raise stake in LNG project from 15% to 25%, commits to additional imports

(EnergyAsia, December 13 2011, Tuesday) — China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec), Asia’s biggest oil refiner, has agreed to raise its 15% holdings in a US$20 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Queensland state to 25%. Sinopec Group, which paid US$1.5 billion for its initial 15% stake in the Australia Pacific LNG Pty Ltd project in...

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MARKETS: Platts says OPEC raised crude oil output to 30.6 million b/d in November, disputes Saudi version

(EnergyAsia, December 13 2011, Tuesday) — The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) raised its crude oil output by 550,000 b/d to 30.6 million b/d in November from 30.05 million b/d in October, said energy media group Platts. But the McGraw-Hill subsidiary disputed Saudi Arabia’s claims that it was producing more than 10 million...

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CLIMATE CHANGE: Greenpeace says “polluters won, people lost” at Durban talks

(EnergyAsia, December 13 2011, Tuesday) — Governments submitted to the wishes of polluting corporations at the expense of the people after two weeks of the UN climate summit in the South African city of Durban, said Greenpeace. On the closing of the latest round of UN climate talks, Greenpeace said it became “clear that governments (more…)

COMPANY: Mercuria Energy Group Ltd signs US$755 million syndicated revolving credit facility in Asia

(EnergyAsia December 13 2011, Tuesday) — Singapore-based Mercuria Energy Trading Pte Ltd said it received “overwhelming”  response in securing a US$755 million revolving credit facility with 29 international banks syndicated for one and three-year terms. The facility, launched at US$480 million, closed oversubscribed and was upsized to US$755 million. The company said it plans to (more…)

INDIA: GAIL agrees to purchase 20-year LNG supply from US’s Chenerie Energy

(EnergyAsia, December 13 2011, Tuesday) — US Cheniere Energy Partners said a subsidiary has signed an agreement to supply India’s state gas utility GAIL (India) 3.5 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) annually for 20 years, with an option to extend the deal for a further 10 years. The Houston, Texas-based company said that (more…)

SINGAPORE: Soxal to invest 35-million euro in air separation plant on Jurong Island

(EnergyAsia, December 12 2011, Monday) — French industrial gas giant Air Liquide said its wholly-owned subsidiary, Soxal, is investing 35-million euro in a new air-separation plant  on Singapore’s Jurong Island. The plant, which takes Air Liquide’s recent investment in Singapore to a total of 280-million euro, will produce argon for trade as well as supply (more…)

SINGAPORE: US oil services firm Knust-SBO opens manufacturing plant

(EnergyAsia, December 12 2011, Monday) — Knust-SBO, a US precision machining manufacturer of equipment for the oil, gas, geophysical and semiconductor industries, has opened a plant in Singapore yesterday. The Houston, Texas-based subsidiary of Austria’s Schoeller-Bleckman Oilfield (SBO) Equipment expects the manufacturing plant in Tuas Loop to be fully operational by the end of the (more…)

TURKMENISTAN: Expanded gas sales to China seen as setback for Russia

(EnergyAsia, December 12 2011, Monday) — Russia’s grip on Central Asia’s economies along with its bargaining position in protracted talks with China over piped oil and gas sales are likely to have been weakened by Turkmenistan’s expanded long-term natural gas sales to China. Already an important market for Central Asia’s natural gas export since 2009,...

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RUSSIA: Policy focus shifts to LNG on developments in Japan and China, says consultant

(EnergyAsia, December 12 2011, Monday) — Russia will focus on developing liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports in the coming year as it shifts its natural gas export policy towards Asia away from pipelines. According to the London-based Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES), Japan’s rising gas demand following Fukushima, Turkmenistan’s success at expanding piped gas...

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AZERBAIJAN: Another pipeline proposal to deliver natural gas to Europe via Turkey

(EnergyAsia, December 12 2011, Monday) — Pipeline politics have become a unique and central feature of post-Soviet politics as Central Asia gas producing countries struggle to break free of Russian control while seeking to avoid being dominated by Western Europe and China. Since the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia, which controls extensive...

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MARKETS: Petrobras CEO at Platts forum says tight oil market is “new normal” as cheap oil era is over

(EnergyAsia, December 9 2011, Friday) — Declaring an end to the era of cheap oil, Brazil’s leading oilman said “the new normal will be a very tight oil market.” José Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo, CEO of Brazil’s state-owned Petrobras, made this call at the fifth annual Platts Global Energy Outlook Forum entitled, “The World’s Quest...

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SINGAPORE: Loyz Energy to acquire stakes in exploration permits in New Zealand and Australia

(EnergyAsia, December 9 2011, Friday) — Singapore’s Loyz Energy said upstream subsidiary Loyz Oil Pte Ltd will acquire majority interests in two oil and gas exploration permits in New Zealand and Australia as it looks to establish itself in the Asia-Pacific region. In Australia, Loyz Oil’s wholly-owned Loyz Oil Australia Pty Ltd will secure an (more…)

MARKETS: Energy efficiency, developing economies and natural gas “reshaping” global demand, says ExxonMobil

(EnergyAsia, December 9 2011, Friday) — Energy demand will rise through 2040 as global economic output doubles and prosperity expands across a world which will have a population of nearly nine billion people, said Exxon Mobil Corporation’s latest annual forecast. In its Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040, ExxonMobil projects that global energy demand (more…)

MALAYSIA: Benalec Holdings, Rotary Engineering to jointly develop independent oil storage terminal in Johor

(EnergyAsia, December 9 2011, Friday) — Malaysia’s Benalec Holdings Berhad and Singapore’s Rotary Engineering Limited said they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop an independent deepwater terminal in Malaysia to store, handle and blend oil products for the international markets. To be built on a reclaimed 250-acre site in Tanjung Piai at (more…)

COMPANY: Australia’s Leighton Offshore starts up engineering business and office in Malaysia

(EnergyAsia, December 9 2011, Friday) — Australia’s Leighton Offshore has launched its new engineering business and fully owned subsidiary DPS Leighton Engineering Sdn Bhd (LE) in Malaysia to provide engineering, procurement management and construction (PMC) services to the oil and gas industry. The company said it grew its detailed engineering and PMC arm after acquiring (more…)

COMPANY: Global Pacific & Partners opens Singapore office with cocktail reception today

  (EnergyAsia, December 8 2011, Thursday) — Energy advisory firm Global Pacific & Partners is opening a regional office in Singapore with a cocktail reception today on sixth floor of the Mandarin Orchard Hotel from 5.30 pm. Chairman and CEO Duncan Clarke and vice chairman Babette van Gessel will host the reception to announce the (more…)

QATAR: RasGas Qatar to supply LNG to Taiwan’s CPC Corp for 20 years from 2013

(EnergyAsia, December 8 2011, Thursday) — Qatar’s RasGas Company Limited said its subsidiary has agreed to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Taiwan’s state-owned CPC Corp (CPC) 1.5 million tonnes of LNG a year for 20 years from 2013. Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited 3, or RL 3, has also agreed to supply (more…)

JAPAN: Qatargas to supply LNG to Chubu Electric and Shizuoka Gas from 2016

(EnergyAsia, December 7 2011, Thursday) — Qatargas has signed off on a tripartite sales and purchase agreement to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Japan’s Chubu Electric Power Company and Shizuoka Gas Company from 2016. At a signing ceremony at the 2011 World Petroleum Conference in Doha this week, Qatargas said it will transport and (more…)