(EnergyAsia, March 31, Tuesday) — Global Pacific & Partners will be holding its 6th African Petroleum Week 2009 in London, England from May 26 to 28.

The week will feature three high-level and separately bookable events: the 6th African Petroleum Frontiers, the 6th West African Oil, Gas & Energy, and the 25th PetroAfricanus Dinner.

African Frontiers focuses on the emerging countries and players in the continent, including onshore and offshore states and some with deepwater plays, including micro-states in the interiors and island worlds, as well as selected archipelagos. More such countries are entering the exploration cycle, delineating blocks, and opening previously neglected or untouched basin opportunities for small and large companies.

West African Oil, Gas &Energy focuses on the Gulf of Guinea arena where several countries have open acreage, new ventures have met with success, and in cases world-class discoveries (such as Ghana), as well as the oil, gas and LNG ventures that are found in West Africa. Numerous companies target West Africa across the value chain and a major upside in investments has been recorded in hydrocarbons.

The 6th African Petroleum Week offers an exceptional networking opportunity for business executives and state officials. PetroAfricanus has become an established occasion for intimate and high-level corporate interface within the African upstream industry worldwide.

Global Pacific & Partners (London, The Hague Johannesburg) are independent management advisors in global oil, gas and LNG projects for over 25 years worldwide.