(EnergyAsia, August 27, Wednesday) — ‘COPENMIND 2008’, a global exhibition and conference dedicated to research, technology and innovation through university-industry partnerships, will be making its debut at The Bella Center  in Copenhagen, Denmark from September 1 to 3.

The theme is clean technology, focusing on innovations that aim to help solve environmental and climate challenges. Cleantech innovators from 125 academic institutions from around the world including 3,000 industry participants have already signed up to present their projects at the event.

Eight universities from the Asia Pacific will showcase their innovations at the event. 

They include the University of Adelaide, La Trobe University, Murdoch University, University of New South Wales, Tokai University, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry.

‘COPENMIND 2008’ will feature an extensive programme of exhibition, matchmaking and networking sessions, presentations, workshops and seminars on climate change and air pollution, energy, water, waste and recycling, agriculture and land, and partnership building.

The conference will feature presentations, seminars and workshops on the topic of cleantech. It will provide a forum to encourage best practice sharing, technology transfer and the creation of new research partnerships between science and business.

Also featured at the event is ‘COPENMIND Mindflow’, a series of dedicated problem-solving sessions. A small group of selected scientists, business people, opinion leaders and politicians will put their minds together to solve some of the challenges that the world is facing. Conclusions and strategies will be showcased on the final day of the conference.

‘COPENMIND Matchmaking’ aims to align the demand for research/ technology from participating companies with the competencies and opportunities provided by the exhibiting universities and research institutes. 

Keynote speakers at the event include Masatami Takimoto (Toyota Motor Corporation), Jørgen Ole Haslestad (Siemens), Thomas Rüschen (Deutsche Bank), Connie Hedegaard (Ministry of Climate and Energy, Denmark), Michael L. Goguen (Sequoia Capital), Nicholas Parker (Cleantech Group LLC), Claude Fussler (UN Global Compact), Marc Bitzer (Whirlpool Corporation),  Sylvie Lemmet (United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)), Julia Hamm (Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA)), André Oosterlinck (K.U. Leuven), Jacqueline McGlade (European Environment Agency (EEA)), Johan Rockström (Stockholm Environment Institute) and Gregory Vogt (International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)).

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