(EnergyAsia, December 7 2011, Wednesday) — Two Australian firms said they have confirmed coal seams deposits and hydrocarbon finds in their areas of operations in Botswana and Texas state in the US.

Hodges Resources Ltd said laboratory results for the first two diamond core holes at its Morupule South project have confirmed coal seams deposits. The average raw coal quality and seam geometry in the deposit in Botswana support the potential for extraction via open pit methods.

Separately, Austin Exploration Limited said its wholly owned US subsidiary, Aus-Tex Exploration Inc, found more evidence of hydrocarbon deposits at the Birch Prospect in Burleson County in Texas state.

The latest finds were uncovered after the company drilled its Krueger #1 well at its Eagle Ford shale project. Shale in the Eagle Ford area stretches from the Mexican border to East Texas, roughly 90km wide and 640 km long with an average thickness of 80m.

Austin’s CEO, Guy Goudy, said:

“It is most encouraging that hydrocarbon shows have been identified in drilling through the first two of our formations of interest. We look forward with great anticipation as drilling is now entering the Eagle Ford Shale formation which we expect to be approximately 300 feet thick, followed by around 30 feet in the Buda formation and 90 feet in the Georgetown formation.”