(EnergyAsia, October 9 2012, Tuesday) — Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT) Limited, an Australian firm focused on commercialising clean coal and iron-making technologies, has informed shareholders that it has been granted patent coverage for its Coldry technology in Europe.

“We are in receipt of notification that our European Patent application has now been issued as a formal patent, number 1680637,” the ASX-listed company said, adding to coverage in the US and Australia.

“This is the culmination of over two years of consistent effort in addressing and satisfying various aspects raised by the EU examiners. ECT greatly appreciates the able assistance of their patent attorneys, Davies Collison Cave.

“With the patent now granted, commercial deployment into key EU countries can take place with increased confidence, following commercial demonstration here in Australia.”

ECT’s chief operating officer, Ashley Moore, said:

“Europe is the world’s highest lignite utilising region, with the top five lignite using countries in the EU accounting for an annual consumption of 395 million tonnes according to the European Association for Coal & Lignite. This highlights the magnitude of the EU market when compared with Australia’s 65-70 million tonnes a year usage.”