(EnergyAsia, January 28 2013, Monday) — PEOPLE: Australia’s International Coal Limited has announced the appointment of Glenn Simpson as CEO and the resignation of Managing Director Hugh Dai.

A trained geologist with an honours degree in Applied Science (Geology) and a Graduate Diploma of Business Administration, Mr Simpson has over 20 years of experience in the mining and energy sectors, 10 years of experience as a geologist and operational manager, and extensive experience in government, tenure management, and business development.

Mr Simpson last served as a General Manager at Coal Face Resources Pty Ltd where he played a key role in identifying and evaluating new resource opportunities through Queensland, Western Australia and international target generation projects. He brings a wealth of experience in the management of coal tenures, business development and government liaison.

In a statement issued by Chairman John Lester, International Coal said Mr Dai will continue to act as an Executive Director of the company.