(EnergyAsia, September 17, Thursday) —- Macquarie Generation, Australia’s largest electricity generator, said it has selected SunGard’s Fuelworx, an energy trading, transaction and risk management solution suite  to help it streamline and automate its fuels procurement processes, manage its contracts and maintain audit controls.

Macquarie Generation added that it would be using the software to help address the complex contracts and reporting needs of the corporation.  

Macquarie Generation consumes approximately 13 million tons of coal to produce more than 26,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity each year. With growing demand for Australia’s coal exports, securing adequate supplies and managing the cost of these supplies remains a challenge for domestic coal users.

Fuelworx said it will help support Macquarie Generation’s sustained growth in the evolving Australian energy market by helping to automate its fuel management processes and facilitate its use of more complex pricing formulas.

Macquarie Generation fuel services manager Ray Durie said: “While the corporation generates the majority of its electricity using coal, we also co-fire biomass and have recently commissioned the world’s first solar thermal development integrated with a coal-fired power station.

“SunGard’s Fuelworx will help us better manage our entire fuel supply chain.  We chose SunGard because of its global experience in power markets and FuelWorx’s ability to automate our fuels processes, provide us with real-time insight into fuels costs, and support the complexity of our contracts.”

Matt Mandalinci, SunGard president of energy solution business unit, said: “Fuel is typically one of the largest operating expenses of a generation company and SunGard’s Fuelworx helps to control this expense through in-depth management of the fuels procurement process.  SunGard is pleased to work with Macquarie Generation to help optimise its energy business and support its growth.”

Macquarie Generation is a state owned corporation established in 1996, following reform of the New South Wales electricity system. The corporation’s core business is the production and wholesale of electricity to the national electricity market.

As Australia’s largest electricity generator, the company operates Bayswater and Liddell power stations producing 4640 megawatts (MW) of power to provide 40% of the electricity needed by the people of New South Wales.