(EnergyAsia, July 25, Friday) — ‘National Power Australia’ will be held in Sydney, Australia from September 1 to 3.

With a national emissions trading scheme due to start up by 2010, and a mandatory renewable energy target of 20% by 2020, energy companies will have to re-evaluate their business models and formulate new strategies to secure a profitable and sustainable energy future.

Industry leaders at the event will be discussing issues related to emissions trading, energy efficiency, power generation scenarios, transmission investment, distribution sector regulation, wholesale and retail market opportunities, industry consolidation, renewable energy development and Demand Side Management solutions.

Speakers at the event include John Geesman (California Energy Commission), Francois Nguyen (International Energy Agency), Steve Edwell (Australian Energy Regulator), Roger Wilkins (Citigroup), Peter Davis (Aurora Energy), Jim Mitchell (Synergy), Kim Wood (Stanwell Corporation), Gordon Jardine (Powerlink), Hugh Gleeson (United Energy Distribution & Multinet Gas), Gerry Grove-White (Geodynamics), Colin Chambers (GridX Power) and Jeff Dimery (AGL).

A post-conference masterclass, ‘Renewable energy, energy efficiency and Demand Side Management – effective strategies for achieving clean and secure energy’, will be held on September 3. 

The session will provide participants with an overview of the major drivers of renewable energy through case studies and practical leanings. The workshop is designed to equip participants with the tools and insights to adopt an action-based strategy for achieving sustainability and maintaining growth.

Topics covered at the session include evaluation of policy scenarios, commercialisation, transmission and distribution grids optimisation, Demand Side Management (DSM), technology platforms supporting real time DSM, Renewable Distributed Generation opportunities and challenges, green electricity market and greenhouse gas reduction programmes. 

The workshop will be conducted by John Geesman, a prime mover in California’s energy policy for the past 30 years and most recently as a California Energy Commissioner.

‘National Power Australia’ is organised by Terrapinn Australia. For more information, please contact Admin@EnergyAsia.com.