(EnergyAsia, September 26, Friday) — The ‘Carbon Finance World 2008’ conference will be held at the Sydney Harbour Marriott hotel in Australia from October 13 to 16.

The global carbon market has grown by 80% over the past year to over 40 billion euro. (US$1=0.67 euro) Some 2.7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide credits were traded during the year – up 64% on 2006.

When the federal trading scheme is adopted in Australia, the resulting market could dwarf this figure within a few years. Opportunities for investors and traders will be immense, whilst at the same time the risks faced by industrial companies demand an immediate response.

Carbon Finance World 2008 will bring together investors, industry and government to tackle the crucial issues facing the industry.

Topics addressed include impact of national emissions trading scheme, global accounting and portfolio management practices, accounting and reporting challenges, carbon audit, governance and risk mitigation, carbon reporting, offset opportunities and investment opportunities.

Speakers at the event include Allan Asher (Energywatch UK), Tim Hanlin (Australian Carbon Exchange), Rob Fowler (Abatement Solutions Asia Pacific), Mark Franklin (TZ1 New Zealand Carbon Exchange), Tim Nelson (AGL), Martin Foreman (CSR Limited), Adrian O’Connell (Standards Australia), Euan Morton (Synergies Economic Consulting),

Greg Lavery (Booz & Company), Harry Rosenthal (UNSW), John Scott (New Zealand Treasury), David Brand (New Forests), Mara Bun (Green Cross), Andrew Grant (CO2 Group Ltd), Stuard Dix, Srian Abeysuriya and Narelle Roolker (E3 International), Leila Ngadi (TRUenergy) and Mark Byethway (Sustainable Investment Research Institute).

‘Carbon Finance World 2008’ is organised by Terrapinn Australia. For more information on this event, please contact Admin@EnergyAsia.com.