(EnergyAsia, March 24, Tuesday) — ‘A Thousand Barrels a Second’ examines the future of oil and offer insights into what it will take to rebalance the world’s energy needs.

Written by Peter Tertzakian, the chief energy economist of Canada’s equity firm ARC Financial Corporation, the book provides an analysis of shifts in energy trends, describing how past critical junctures or ‘break points’ developed, evolved, and shaped nations, changed consumer behaviour and its effect on businesses.

The author also offers insights into the future of energy supply, how our consumption patterns may evolve, and how governments, businesses and individuals can meet the coming challenges with better solutions.

It examines issues like:

– Are today’s high oil and gas prices part of a routine business cycle, or are there more profound forces at play?

– Have we entered a new multi-polar world where energy is the primary source of geopolitical tension?

– Are hybrid vehicles our only solution against high gasoline prices?

– Is China’s growing thirst for energy sustainable?

– What sort of global landscape will emerge from the turmoil?

– Which government policies work and which do not?

– Will nuclear power and coal save the day-again?

Serving as a wake-up call, this book shows how the lessons of history will help us find our way to a better, more secure energy future.

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