(EnergyAsia, June 24, Tuesday) — ‘Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development’ is a collection of papers from a conference held at the University of Liverpool in June 2002. Wiley has published them as a book to reflect the interchange of ideas on the theory, technology, tools and methodology on what constitutes sustainable development.

It discussed subjects like strategy, design, materials, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, disposal, recycling and auditing.

Topics covered include philosophy and strategy for sustainable technologies, design principles for sustainable development, sustainable manufacturing technologies, use of recycling/bio-degradable materials, re-use and recycling design and technologies, tools for sustainable product design, measurement and auditing, best practices and case studies, impact of emerging legislation and international trends and future development.

Sustainable development will have a fundamental impact on the engineering community since, through design and manufacture, the world is responsible for the use of energy, materials and processes for the complete product life cycle.

This is an essential volume for the bookshelves of those wanting to be well informed about the evolving concept of sustainable development.

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