(EnergyAsia, June 3 2013, Monday) — France’s Air Liquide said it has just signed a long-term contract with Fujian Shenyuan New Materials Co Ltd to supply industrial gases for a coal gasficiation project in Fujian province in southeastern China.

Air Liquide said it will build an eight-unit industrial gases complex comprising an air separation unit of 2,000 tonnes of oxygen per day, a gasification unit, a synthesis gas purification unit and an ammonia plant to supply hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia for the caprolactam production plant at the Lianjiang Kemen Economic & Development Zone. The French company did not say how much it plans to invest in the project.

To be commissioned from 2016, the complex will produce 75,000 Nm3/h of hydrogen and 250,000 tonnes per year of ammonia. Pure oxygen is used to transform coal in synthetic gas to produce hydrogen which will be combined with ammonia to make caprolactam, an intermediate for nylon in the textiles industry.

Six of the complex’s eight units will use Air Liquide’s world-leading proprietary technologies. They will contribute to purify synthesis gas and prevent sulphur emissions responsible for acid rain.

Air Liquide said its strong operations and engineering integration capabilities in China as well as expertise in coal gasification will enable it to meet Fujian’s demand for a full range of industrial gases from coal and oxygen to pure hydrogen.

Privately held Fujian Shenyuan will supply all of its caprolactam production to two fully owned subsidiaries, which together have a 12% market share of the nylon textile filament market in China.