(EnergyAsia, October 15 2012, Monday) — Chevron Oronite Company said it will significantly enhance its analytical testing capabilities in China following an agreement with Intertek Group for the use of its testing services and laboratory in Shanghai.

“The addition of the Shanghai testing facility is part of a longer term strategy for China that supplements Chevron Oronite’s other technical support and research network around the world, including our technology center in Japan, which has a full range of laboratory and engine test facilities” said Jirong Xiao, Chevron Oronite’s vice president, products & technology.

“This is another step in our continuous effort to improve processes and meet the ever-increasing technological needs of our customers.”

The facility is already in use and will have an initial focus on enhancing Oronite’s customer service while also significantly improving the company’s ongoing in-country field testing efforts.

Stacey Tylka, Intertek’s vice president for South East Asia, said:

“After completing a rigorous process to prove that our laboratory fully meets the Chevron Oronite standard for a testing facility, we are proud to say that Intertek in Shanghai was given an ‘Oronite Qualification Certificate’.

“For more than a century, companies around the world have depended on us to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems. We are proud to begin assisting Chevron Oronite with their additive testing needs.”

Chevron Oronite operates several research and technology facilities around the world, including Omaezaki in Japan, Richmond, California in the US, Gonfreville in France, and Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

A certified research and testing facility in San Antonio, Texas is managed under a similar agreement between Chevron Oronite and Intertek.

“With a lab in China, Chevron Oronite will offer analytical services that will immediately enhance the turnaround time and service to our customers” said Jeff Waite, Chevron Oronite’s general manager for Asia-Pacific sales.

Chevron Oronite Company LLC, an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of US major Chevron Corporation, is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of fuel and lubricant additives, providing solutions to customers globally. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, Chevron Oronite maintains three regional offices in Houston (Americas Region), Paris (Europe-Africa-Middle East Region), and Singapore (Asia-Pacific Region); manufacturing sites in Belle Chasse, Louisiana (USA), Gonfreville (France), Singapore, and Mauá (Brazil); an affiliated blending and shipping plant in Omaezaki, Japan; and affiliated sales and manufacturing operations in India and Mexico.