(EnergyAsia, April 29, Tuesday) — ‘Eco Expo Asia’ will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from October 28 to 31 and will feature four new topics:  Air Quality, Eco-friendly Products, Energy Efficiency and Waste and Recycling.

The US Commercial Service published a report in 2007 called ‘Hong Kong (Pearl River Delta): Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency (P2E2) Technologies’ stating the Chinese government’s efforts to combat environmental challenges and achieving environmental sustainability.

The Chinese government’s 11th Five-Year Plan from 2006 to 2010 calls for US$186 billion worth of investment in pollution control and improvement to the environment.

The mainland and Hong Kong governments have established the policy and legal frameworks for the promotion and implementation of environmentally friendly measures in the economy.

These measures aim to encourage manufacturing industries in the region to practise cleaner production through better management and use of modern technology.

According to Federation of Hong Kong Industries, over 100,000 factories and manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) require new environmental technologies and products that would improve plant facilities and enable them to adhere to governmental laws and increase cost efficiency. The government is also undertaking various steps to address climate change, improve energy efficiency and waste management. 

Eco Expo Asia aims to serve as the bridge for eco products manufacturers, service providers and buyers by creating networking and environmental business opportunities.

Last year, the event attracted over 130 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors. Ehibitors showcased products and services in air quality, eco-friendly product, energy efficiency and waste and recycling categories respectively. 

The ‘Air Quality’ category will feature products and services such as air pollution and gas emission control, air purification, filtration and deodorisation technology and equipment, desulphurisation and dust control technology and equipment  and gas, smoke and chemical monitoring and treatment equipment while the ‘Eco-friendly product’ exhibits will include biodegradable and eco-friendly raw materials, biodegradable and recycled products and packaging, eco-friendly materials for construction and fitting and green decorative materials.

The ‘Energy Efficiency’ category will focus on energy efficient applications in architecture, vehicles and energy saving devices and products and ‘Waste and Recycling’ will showcase biological treatment equipment, oil recycling technology and equipment, solid waste treatment, incineration and recycling systems; transport, collection and sorting of waste; and waste water recycling technology and equipment.

The ‘Eco Expo Asia’ will run concurrently with ‘Eco Asia Conference’ at the AsiaWorld-Expo. The conference will also focus on the four major highlights of Eco Expo Asia, further augmenting the importance of these four categories. 

‘Eco Expo Asia’ and ‘Eco Asia Conference’ is organised by HKTDC. For more information, please contact Admin@Energyasia.com.