(EnergyAsia, February 8 2013, Friday) — Kunlun Energy Company Limited, a Hongkong-listed company controlled by state PetroChina Company Limited, has affirmed its commitment to become a major natural gas player with liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its key plank.

Kunlun Energy announced its intention in a media statement updating its past year’s expansion activities and investment plans for the future.

The company said it more than tripled its LNG production capacity last year from 1.38 million cubic metres per day (cbm/d) to 4.53 million cbm/d. It also developed more than 28,000 LNG-powered vehicles, 15 LNG-powered vessels, 48 natural gas drillers and 227 new gas refilling stations throughout China as part of a long-term plan to build operational efficiency and economies of scale.

Kunlun Energy, known previously as CNPC (Hong Kong) Limited, said its Ansai LNG processing plant in Shaanxi province is the largest single unit natural gas liquefaction project in China, and has started construction of LNG terminals in Taian and Huanggang.

The company owns and operates what it claims is the world’s longest hydrogen-rich coke oven gas pipeline linking Wuhai city in Inner Mongolia to Yinchuan in Ningxia. The Wuyin line, as it is called, has become the new benchmark in the integrated natural gas business in China.

On the retail front, Kunlun Energy said it is actively promoting the use of LNG as a fuel for urban public transport, large trucks and shipping vessels. The government is supporting the modification of vehicle and vessel engines in several regions across the country to use natural gas as a fuel.

Kunlun Energy said it will continue to assist China’s transition to a gas-powered economy through four initiatives including technological innovation, collaboration, talent cultivation, and managerial improvement to promote its business development and contribute to the development of a green economy.

The company is mainly engaged in exploring, developing and producing oil and gas as well as developing markets and applications for natural gas in China. Its upstream activities are currently focused on China, Kazakhstan, Oman, Peru, Thailand, Azerbaijan and Indonesia.