(EnergyAsia, March 25, Wednesday) —  The ‘10th China Oil Traders’ Conference (COTC)’ will be held in Sanya city in China’s Hainan province from April 8 to 10.

The conference aims to address issues concerning the financial crisis and the impact of crude oil price fluctuations.

Topics covered include China’s oil policy, oil prices and world trends, Korea’s oil market, the export outlook for fuel oil, the outlook for Chinese oil imports from Russia and Kazakhstan, managing trading and counter-party risks through clearing, and tax changes in China.

The conference will also discuss the outlook of China’s petroleum supply and demand, restructuring of its refineries and the impact on the domestic oil markets, outlook for Middle East oil refining and exports, the impact of the financial crisis on Asian oil markets, and demand and outlook for marine fuels in China.

Speakers at the event include George Ng (CME Group), Zhang Fuqin (Refining Institute of PetroChina Planning and Engineering), Moon Bae Lee (Korea Energy Economics Institute), John Driscoll (GS Caltex Singapore),  Wang Yuan Jing (National Development and Reform Commission), Chen Wengang (Guangzhou Twinace Petroleum and Chemicals), Abdul Latif A Al-Houti (Kuwait Petroleum Corporation), Yeo Ek Meng (SGX Asia Clear), Wang Guolun (Sinochem-Xingzhing Oil Staging) and Johnson Chan (OCBC).

The ‘10th China Oil Traders’ Conference (COTC)’ is organised by CBI Shanghai. For more information, please contact Admin@EnergyAsia.com.