CHINA: ‘Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ to be held in Beijing on May 12 and 13

(EnergyAsia, March 31, Friday) — The ‘4th Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ will be held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beijing, China on May 12 and 13.

The conference will discuss challenges facing China’s renewable energy industry, its role in the global energy market, the impact of the economic downturn, challenges in the power industry and their impact on renewable energy growth, and trends in the wind energy sector.

The conference will also address climate change issues, risk profile of greentech investments in China, waste-to-energy projects, feedstock supply challenges, renewable energy financing in Europe and south Asia, solar energy, commercialisation of third generation biofuel technologies, and industrial energy efficiency.

The outlook on China’s energy requirements, policy changes and infrastructure development will also be discussed.

Speakers at the event include Li Junfeng (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries association (CREIA)), Liang Zhipeng (National Development and Reform Commission), Arthouros Zervos (European Renewable Energy Council), Gao Hu, Li Liyan and Qin Shiping (National Development and Reform Commission), Stephen Green (Standard Chartered Bank), Jotdeep Singh (Rabobank), Joseph Jacobelli (CLP Group), Alex Westlake (Clear World Energy), Wang Xiaocong (China Minsheng Banking corporation (CMBC)),

Frank Haugwitz (EU-China Energy and Environment Programme), Peng Xiaofeng (LDK),Qian Zhao (Trina Solar), Qin Haiyan (Chinese Wind Energy Association), Paulo Fernando Soares (Suzlon China), James (IW Power), Sebastian Meyer and Chris Raczkowski (Econcern), Ian Irvine (SgurrEnergy), Jimmy Shih (AES), Wu Gang (Goldwind), Wu Changhua (The Climate Group), Marco Terruzzin (Evolution Markets), Sudhir Bhat (First Climate Group), Don Ye (China Environment Fund), Gaël de Barmon (Natixis Private Equity Asia),

Qiu Liping (Milestone Capital), Andre Loesekrug-Pietri (China Equity Links Partners), Wang Mengjie (Rural Energy Industry Association), Allard M. Nooy (Covanta Energy), Carl Kukkonen (VIASPACE Inc), Gordon LeBlanc Jr. (PetroSun Inc), Calvin Q. Xu (IFC), Zhu Liyong (China Industrial Bank), Yu Yuanqi (PhasCon Technologies), Oliver Behrend (Mainsail Energy Ventures), Li Junfeng (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association), and Gaël de Barmon (Natixis Private Equity Asia).

The ‘4th Renewable Energy Finance Forum’ is organised by Euromoney Energy Events. For more information, please contact