(EnergyAsia, August 11 2011, Thursday) — Facility managers trying to keep operational costs under control should pay special attention to their chilled water system plants as they can consume up to 50% or more of a facility’s yearly electricity use.

They also tend to become less energy efficient, less reliable and more costly to operate as they age.

Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and solutions and a brand of US-based Ingersoll Rand, is offering retrofit services to optimise the performance and energy efficiency of chillers and chilled water system plants of any size and age.

Trane said its Chiller Plant Retrofit Services can reduce yearly operating costs by up to 20%, and more in some cases.

The company said it starts by providing an in-depth analysis with the its chiller plant analyser (TCPA) which takes into account variables such as weather data, chiller specifications and performance characteristics to quickly evaluate potential energy savings and carbon reductions, as well as the impact and payback of specific retrofit improvements. This analysis leaves the customer with actionable measures that will significantly improve energy efficiency, reliability and performance.

Upon customer sign-off, the following recommended improvements will be put into action. Trane said its chiller plant retrofit services are tailored to the operational and performance needs of each customer.

The company provides a number of solutions through its specialists in chiller retrofit or replacement, plant re-engineering,  variable primary flow, variable secondary distribution, free cooling and cooling tower optimisation, ice storage, peak saving, peak demand reduction, heat recovery, and chilled water and condenser water reset temperatures.

Ang Boon Hui, services vice president for Ingersoll Rand Climate Solutions Asia Pacific, said:

“Today’s facility manager simply can’t afford a chiller plant that wastes energy or performs unreliably. With Trane Chiller Plant Retrofit Services, even older chiller plants can meet current efficiency, environmental and performance standards. Trane Chiller Plant Retrofit Services offers our customers real cost savings and peace of mind.”