(EnergyAsia, December 10 2010, Friday) — ExxonMobil said its Mobil SHC synthetic industrial lubricants can deliver “exceptional” protection for oil and gas production equipment, even reducing fuel consumption by up to 1.5%.

Participating for the first time at the 18th International Oil & Gas technology trade exhibition (OSEA2010), ExxonMobil showcased its comprehensive line of the industrial lubricants formulated to help oil and gas producers enhance the performance of their critical equipment and maximise productivity.

At last month’s OSEA show in Singapore, the major showcased the latest addition to its Mobil SHC family of high performance synthetic lubricants, the Mobil SHC Pegasus.

An innovative, fuel efficient natural gas engine oil, this lubricant delivers exceptional equipment protection and can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.5%*, compared to standard gas engine oils.

The energy savings achieved can also translate into a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Mobil SHC Pegasus also offers the potential to increase oil drain intervals by nearly four times longer than standard natural gas engine oils, minimising waste oil and reducing downtime.

Through its extended drain capabilities, ExxonMobil said the lubricant can help oil and gas producers enhance their operational efficiency and safety by reducing the time, maintenance engineers, off-shore and on, need to spend servicing equipment.

Selecting the optimum lubricant will help companies achieve an integrated approach where productivity and sustainability support each other. This is particularly important as oil and gas continue to be a major contributor to the global energy supply and productivity for oil and gas producers is a continuing focus.

“Our comprehensive range of Mobil SHC-branded synthetic lubricants are ideal for oil and gas producers because they are expertly formulated to help deliver exceptional equipment protection even under some of the most demanding operating conditions,” said Ian Davidson, the major’s Global Industrial Marketing Manager for Mobil Industrial Lubricants.

ExxonMobil demonstrated its commitment to advanced research and development to stay at the forefront of lubrication technology and provide customers with a range of lubricants to boost their productivity.

Mr Davidson said: “As the global demand for energy continues to increase, achieving production goals will require more investment, technology and skill than ever before. We are fortunate to have the means to deliver an exceptional product line of oils and greases that help oil and gas explorers and producers to meet and exceed production targets more safely and sustainably.”

To assist with the ever-rising global demand for reliable energy supplies, ExxonMobil has a global network of distributors that can help ensure that products are available worldwide and in remote locations. For oil and gas producers, this network helps ensure that they can conveniently obtain lubricants in order to continue with their operations without disruption.

The company also showcased its other lubricants: Mobil SHC 800 series long life synthetic oils for stationary gas turbines; Mobil Jet Oil II for aero derived gas turbines;  Mobil SHC Pegasus energy-efficient gas engine oil; Mobil SHC 600 Series synthetic gear, bearing and circulating oils; Mobilith SHC Series high performance synthetic greases for bearings; Mobil Rarus SHC 1020 Series long life synthetic rotary screw compressor oils, and Mobil EAL Environsyn environmentally aware hydraulic and circulating fluids.