(EnergyAsia, May 5, Tuesday) — Global Pacific and Partners will be holding its ‘2nd Europe Upstream’ conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands from May 10 to 12.

The conference will focus on exploration developments, investments in oil and gas projects, energy laws and finance, contracts and acreage licensing issues.

The event will feature a special roundtable discussion on ‘world energy scenario and global oil turbulence’.

Topics discussed at the conference include Europe’s upstream role, European gas markets, Poland’s oil and gas industry, PetroCeltic’s European plays, energy infrastructure, oil and gas financing, the talent crisis, oil and gas opportunities in Russia and Iceland, European stranded gas, upstream oil and gas in The Netherlands, and building portfolio as an independent player.

The conference will also focus on Russia’s oil and gas reserves, production outlook, global strategies for Gazprom and Rosneft as well as future of corporate oil in times of Russian energy nationalism, uncertain crude prices and a reshaped world oil paradigm.

Speakers at the event include Duncan Clarke (Global Pacific & Partners), Peter R Odell (Rotterdam University), Christian Gueritte (Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Association), Dub Crook (ExxonMobil Gas & Power), Cyryl Federowicz (Polish Oil & Gas Company), Martin Richards (Petro-Canada), Brian O’ Cathain (Petroceltic), Jan Prins (Independent Consultant), Shane de Beer (Chadbourne & Park), Michael Heslop (Preng & Associates), Diederick Bax (Shell Global Solutions), Fredrik Bockelie (Sagex Petroleum), John Martin (Hansa Hydrocarbons), Dave Taylor (Cirrus Energy Coporation), Lawrence Payne (Ithaca Energy), and Arne Visser (Smart Energy Solutions).

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