(EnergyAsia, October 27 2011, Thursday) — OxfordPrinceton is organising the following courses for energy professionals in Singapore in November.

Front to Back Office: Trading Controls and Best Practices (FTBO) on November 14.

This fascinating and interactive workshop will give delegates a thorough understanding of best practice controls to be applied in commodity trading activities. Delegates are encouraged to think about the controls processes applied in their own operations, through interactive group case studies, in order to minimize the chances of similar expensive trading mistakes. Recent trading “failures” will be analysed.

Value-at-Risk: The Basics and Beyond (VAR) on November 15.

Value-at-Risk is the new benchmark for measuring and controlling market risk. Premier trading and marketing companies around the world use Value-at-Risk to maximise profit opportunities and minimise costly positioning mistakes. This one day programme teaches the important aspects of this risk management tool.

Advanced Technical Analysis and Technical Trading (ATA) on November 16.

This course examines how market participants apply theories of technical analysis to various trading timeframes through the presentation of advanced material and a series of interactive workshops. The timeframes covered include day trading and swing trading through a study of 5, 30, 60-minute and daily charts; also position trading through an examination of daily, weekly and monthly charts.

For details, please contact The Oxford Princeton Programme in Singapore at Tel 65-68378033 and fax: 65-63377691.