(EnergyAsia, June 23, Monday) — Wipro Technologies, the global IT services division of India’s Wipro Limited, said it has joined The Green Grid, a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems. 

Wipro’s green IT initiatives extend from energy efficient data centres to eco-friendly product engineering designs and PC ranges. 

Wipro said these data centres provide its customers end-to-end services for better utilisation of their capacity, thereby helping enterprises to minimise their use of power, cooling and housing equipment, which emit greenhouse gases. The data centres apply practices such as server virtualisation to minimise the amount of equipment required for operations.
Wipro said it will broaden its green IT initiatives through its participation in The Green Grid. The consortium seeks to provide industry-wide recommendations on best practices, metrics and technologies that will improve overall data centre and business computing energy efficiencies. 

Wipro Technologies chief marketing officer Jessie Paul said:  

“Our membership in The Green Grid highlights the work we have done to achieve energy efficiency in our data centres, which translates to helping our customers go green and achieve business benefits.

“Being a part of The Green Grid, Wipro will contribute as an active participant, creating and offering energy-efficient, virtual data centre technology.”

Wipro also previously acquired US based data centre computing firm Infocrossing that has helped it to further the cause of ecological sustainability.

Wipro announced it went ‘carbon neutral’ at Mandala, its annual customer forum event, and it plans to extend this initiative to more customer events in the future. Its other recent accomplishments include receiving US Green Building Council Certification for two of its existing facilities.

The company is planning to the renewable energy business. In a recent correspondence to shareholders, it sought approval to design and develop goods and services linked with “all types of renewable energy systems.”