(EnergyAsia, April 25 2012, Wednesday) — The Iranian government has cut off Internet access to six of the country’s oil refineries after it came under attacks from hackers and computer viruses.

According to the Iranian Mehr News Agency, the attacks launched against the refineries, the Oil Ministry, the National Iranian Oil Company and the country’s other oil agencies were detected on April 22 but were stopped after causing some damage.

The report did not state the extent of the damage and the refineries affected by the Internet shutdown. The terminal at Kharg Island, which handles about 90% of Iran’s oil exports, was also affected.

According to Wikipedia, Iran has nine refineries: Abadan (450,000 b/d), Isfahan  (265,000 b/d), Bandar Abbas (232,000 b/d), Tehran (225,000 b/d), Arak (150,000 b/d), Tabriz (112,000 b/d), Shiraz (40,000 b/d), Kermanshah (21,000 b/d) and Lavan (20,000 b/d).