(EnergyAsia, June 7 2012, Thursday) — GE said its technology is supporting the new 160MW Taji power plant supplying electricity to the greater Baghdad area as part of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity’s efforts to meet the country’s urgent energy needs.

GE said it supplied four Frame 6B gas turbines for the Taji plant, located 20km northeast of Baghdad, which is generating enough electricity to support about 160,000 households. GE is also supplying similar equipment for two other new power plants in Hilla and Karbala due to start up later this year, and 56 gas turbines for projects across the country.

Together, these projects will add over 7,000 megawatts of electricity to support the expansion of Iraq’s energy infrastructure to fuel economic growth.

Karim Aftan Aljumaily, Iraq’s Minister of Electricity, said:

“The successful startup of Taji signals the first steps in fulfilling our continuous commitment to bring much needed, reliable electricity to the people of Iraq.

“This project also marks an important milestone in our ongoing relationship with GE. Teaming with GE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of power generation technology and services, is a cornerstone of our strategy to enhance and expand our energy infrastructure.”

Joseph Anis, president and CEO, GE Energy in the Middle East, said:

“The Taji power plant project reflects the Iraqi government’s commitment to provide reliable electricity to its people. Working closely with the Ministry of Electricity, we have been successful in executing on our promise to deliver GE’s advanced technology to ensure that additional power is made available to the Greater Baghdad area.

“This is a significant moment for GE in Iraq and reinforces our growing commitment to the country, where we have been active for nearly 40 years.”

GE said that more than 1,100 of its Frame 6B gas turbines are operating worldwide, with two-thirds of them for oil, gas and industrial applications.