(EnergyAsia, December 27 2011, Tuesday) — US engineering firm Black & Veatch said it will provide engineering services and procure balance-of-plant equipment systems for a 1,000MW supercritical clean coal-fired power plant to be built in Malaysia’s Perak state by 2015.

The company will provide technical advisory services to contractor China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMC) as well as procure equipment for the major balance-of-plant facilities outside the power island at Manjung Unit 4.

The equipment procured will include coal and ash handling systems, water and wastewater treatment systems, cooling water pumps, transformers and induced draft fans.

CMC and Alstom formed a consortium in April this year to develop the project for TNB Janamanjung Sdn Bhd (TNBJ) to supply electricity to the national grid, owned and operated by its parent company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

TNBJ operates three 700 megawatt coal-fired units at Manjung for TNB, Malaysia’s largest electricity utility, which owns and operates the national grid and nearly half of the country’s installed power generation capacity.

Supercritical power plants require less coal per megawatt-hour compared to conventional coal-fired plants. As they operate at higher temperatures and increased pressures, supercritical power plants yield higher thermal efficiencies, lower emissions (including carbon dioxide and mercury) and lower fuel costs per megawatt.

Hoe Wai Cheong, a managing director at Black & Veatch’s global energy business, said:

“Malaysia is going through a period of fantastic growth. Industry needs a large volume of power delivered on time and cost effectively.”

Dean Oskvig, President and CEO of Black & Veatch’s global energy business, said:

“We bring a unique ability to deploy our global supply chain. This ensures that we procure high quality, reliable solutions that also minimize costs. As economic and resource issues evolve, there will be more demand for innovation that gives us cost-effective delivery models and technologies.”

Black & Veatch said it has worked on major power infrastructure in Malaysia since the 1990s. Between 1992 and 1996, it helped TNB upgrade the national grid system from 275 kV to 500 kV, and helped prepare an environmental impact assessment for the upgrade. In 1998, Black & Veatch helped TNB deliver its first natural circulation-type heat recovery steam generator system at the 330MW Melaka Combined Cycle Conversion Project in 1998.

Established in 1950, China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CMC) is the first large-scale state-owned enterprise engaged in the import and export trade of machinery products and international project contracting business. Since its establishment, it has an accumulated trade volume of over US$85 billion.