(EnergyAsia, May 28, Thursday) — Green Power Conferences will be holding its ‘Carbon Markets Asia’ event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on June 23 and 24.

The event will bring together leading international players to discuss the progress made to date on carbon trading.

The speakers will analyse Asia’s role in the global carbon markets and discuss strategies to expand and develop the region’s market as well as challenges and opportunities that lie ahead over the next 12 months.

Topics covered include cross-border regulations, risk mitigation in CDM project financing, role of forestry in region’s carbon markets, investment in forestry projects, and progress in programmatic CDM.

The conference will also address issues on barriers to investment, standards affecting forestry sector and discuss strategies to tackle risks, factors affecting fluctuation, primary and secondary CERs and price differentiation, outlook for CER pricing and trend, opportunities for technology and knowledge transfer, the AFLOU and its impact, and the global impact of Chinese policy.

The speakers will also discuss the impact of the financial crisis on the market, the outlook for investments, and whether carbon trading provide real economic incentives to avoid deforestation.

The speakers include Albert Magalang (Philippine DNA), Dorjee Sun (Carbon Conservation), Minh Cuong Le Quan (GERES & Carbon Solidarity Asia), Sirithan Pairoj-Boriboon (Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization), G N Agrawal (Mawana Sugars), Santosh Deshmukh (Jain Irrigation Systems), Bambang Hidayat (PT Bajradaya Sentranusa), Nur Masripatin (Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry), Arghya Mukherjee (H. & R. Johnson), and Junji Hatano (Carbon Partners Asiatica).

The pre-conference seminar, ‘How to develop successful CDM projects’, will be held on June 22. The seminar will discuss:

• How to identify and design a successful CDM project
• Sources available for raising finance
• How to analyse the financial risk factors
• How to take a project through the CDM process
• Assessing the success to date and potential for improvement of current models
• A step-by-step guide to carbon credit trading
• Understanding legal implications for CDM projects

Speakers at the seminar include Kyoko Tochikawa (Carbon Partners Asiatica), and Soeren Varming (YTL-SV Carbon).

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