(EnergyAsia, April 1, Wednesday) — The ‘Pakistan Oil, Gas & Energy Exhibition and Conference (POGEE)’ will be held at the Karachi Expo Centre in Pakistan from May 18 to 21. 

Organised by Pegasus Consultancy, the conference aims to establish an internationally recognised energy forum for all stakeholders to reach a well-defined industry group. The organisers said POGEE will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the current situation in Pakistan’s energy industry as well as opportunities for networking to develop investment ideas and projects.

Pakistan will have to secure and diversify its energy resources to meet the needs of its growing economy and rising energy needs.

Pegasus Consultancy said this year’s conference will focus on issues related to energy security and emerging opportunities in the region.

Speakers will analyse trends and regulatory issues, discuss investment opportunities in Pakistan, the outlook on demand, supply and price as well as the growth potential in the LPG industry.

The conference will also discuss energy solutions for Pakistan’s industrial sector, issues surrounding coal power generation and mining, hydrocarbon exploration, and construction of hydropower plants.

Other topics addressed include trends in the supply and demand of natural gas, commercial application of CNG technology, replacement of diesel with CNG, government policies and incentives, sustainable development, renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes including wind, solar and  biofuels initiatives in Pakistan.

Speakers at the event include Rune Stroem (Asian Development Bank), Syed Rashid Husain (Azzat Est), Mahendra P Lama (Central University of Sikkim), Gulfaraza Ahmed (Petroleum Exploration), Kamal Raj Dhungel (Tribuvan University), Humayun Qureshi (MISL), Nazli Öykü US (Turkish Petroleum Corporation), Eugene Khartukov (Center for Petroleum Business Studies), Ellen Starostina (PetroStar Consultancy), Muneer A. Sheikh (National Electric Power Regulatory), N A Zuberi (Private Power and Infrastructure Board), Munir Ahmad (Harvard University), Muhammad Awais (GEO Resources and Management Services), and Ron Tan (PRC Gobal). 

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