(EnergyAsia, June 3 2011, Friday) — Hong Kong-listed Kiu Hung Energy Holdings Limited said its shareholders have appointed Jin Peihuang as an independent non-executive director at the company’s annual general meeting last month.

A 1964 graduate of Jiangxi Mining Institute, Mr Jin is an expert in underground mining of coal and was a professor-grade senior engineer.

He has 39 years of experience in the coal mining industry, and had held various positions including as deputy director of four mines, commissioner of production technologies and deputy Secretary-General in the Feng-Feng Mine Administration Office of China’s Hebei Province. He was also the deputy director of the Safety Department in the Ministry of Coal Industry, overseeing the safety of ventilation and rescue action of the mine.

Mr Jin also served as deputy general manager in the China Coal Construction Group Corporation, with responsibility for its production, safety and operation.

In welcoming Mr Jin’s appointment, Kiu Hung’s chairman, Hui Kee Fun, said: “With his extensive experience, knowledge and network, the company is going to benefit from his valuable insights.”