(EnergyAsia, October 30, Thursday) — Oxford Princeton’s ‘International Oil Trading – Advanced Techniques and Strategic Price Risk Management’ will be held in Singapore from November 17 to 19.

The course will cover the advanced trading techniques applicable to the management of price risk in international oil trading. It is recommended that delegates complete the basic oil trading course or possess strong working knowledge of the subjects covered in these courses.

The course will focus on key markets, and the pricing and mechanisms involved in trading. Advanced trading instruments of swaps, CFDs and options will be presented in detail, both from a theoretical and practical perspective, providing delegates with insight into the application of these instruments in the development and management of a successful trading strategy.

Syndicate exercises will address each skill required, providing delegates with the essential tools and knowledge to successfully manage the price and accompanying risks of their strategy. Additionally, in a theme case study, each group will be asked to manage their company positions on equity production, refining supply, product disposal and speculative trading, identifying the pricing risk of new positions and reacting to changing market prices which simulate a live situation.

Topics covered during the course include significance of freight costs, international crude oil and products pricing, trading in the futures and forwards markets, EFPs, swaps and CFDs, options theory and trading, price risk management, freight hedging, strategy development and management, and purchase/sale contracts.

Case studies and exercises Include freight and netback, purchase/sale of products, arbitrage, negotiating a term crude oil deal, hedging of term deal, handling non-performance, executing an EFP, managing ongoing positions, executing a CFD, traded options, refiner risk management, producer risk management and consumer risk management.

‘International Oil Trading – Advanced Techniques and Strategic Price Risk Management’ will be conducted by course director Robin Burley. For more information, please contact Admin@EnergyAsia.com.