(EnergyAsia, June 15 2012, Friday) — Chevron Oronite has begun expansion work on its Jurong Island manufacturing plant in Singapore to meet Asia’s fast-growing demand for lubricant additives.
At a groundbreaking ceremony last week, the US company said the new investment will increase the plant’s manufacturing, blending and shipping capacities when completed during the first half of 2014.

It declined to reveal the size of the investment and the added capacity to what is already the largest lubricant additives manufacturing plant in Asia. Engineering and design work on the expansion has been underway for over a year.

The 23-hectare site is served by a private jetty to accommodate vessels of up to 40,000 dead-weight tonnage for bulk imports of raw materials as well as export shipments of finished products.

Oronite said its additives help improve the performance of lubricants used in engines, hydraulic systems and drivelines in a variety of applications in cars, heavy-duty trucks, marine vessels, locomotives, tractors, construction equipment and natural gas engines.

Chevron Oronite’s President Ron Kiskis said:
“Through the support of the Economic Development Board, the Jurong Town Corporation, and the determined work of our colleagues at the Jurong Island facility, the Oronite leadership team is pleased to begin this expansion as a further sign of our long-term commitment to Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

“This is especially important because we have every expectation that the region will continue to experience strong growth for years to come, and we are very committed to supporting our customers’ growth throughout Asia.”

Tan Choon Shian, Deputy Managing Director at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), said:

“Rapid growth in Asia and the automobile sector has led to an increasing demand for chemicals in higher value specialties products, like Oronite’s lubricant additives. A trusted location like Singapore with its strong intellectual property (IP) protection, Jurong Island’s integration model and multiple logistics options, provides a vantage point in Asia from which companies like Oronite can continue to invest and capture opportunities in the region.”

Walt Szopiak, Chevron Oronite’s General Manager (Asia-Pacific Manufacturing & Supply), said:

“The active partnership between Chevron Oronite, Foster Wheeler, and other contractors has prepared us well for the construction phase of the project, with an overarching emphasis on safety and ensuring that the plant continues operating without disruption.”

Apart from the Jurong Island facility, the company also supplies additives to the region through a joint venture manufacturing plant in Chennai, India and a large blending and shipping plant in Omaezaki, Japan, and maintains sales offices in Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul and Mumbai.

Headquartered in San Ramon in California, Chevron Oronite Company LLC is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Chevron Corporation.