(EnergyAsia, October 19 2011, Wednesday) — In a long overdue move, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) has released Singapore’s first official publication on its energy statistics.

The Singapore Energy Statistics (SES) is an annual publication containing the country’s key energy supply and consumption statistics, and prices, as well as trends in the electricity and gas sectors.

EMA said the report is part of its efforts to support the development of a dynamic energy sector. The report is available for download at its website at www.ema.gov.sg.

Despite the effort, the report fell short of expectations as it did not show last year’s statistics.

Instead, it contained 2009 data, reporting that Singapore imported 146.1 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) of energy products.

The report said that for 2009, oil products constituted the largest share of energy imports and exports at 90.3 Mtoe (61.8%) and 82.8 Mtoe (98.6%) respectively.

Table. Singapore’s Imports and Exports of Energy Products, 2009 (Mtoe)
                                          Imports        Exports
Coal & coal products         0.0                0.0
Crude oil, NGL                   48.5              1.2
Oil products                       90.3            82.8
Natural gas                          7.4               –
Total                                 146.1            84.0