(EnergyAsia, July 5 2012, Thursday) — Singapore-based Good Coal Pte Ltd has been awarded an exclusive technology licensing agreement to develop, deploy and market a proprietary clean coal technology in Southeast Asia.

US-based Clean Coal Technologies Inc which owns a 45% stake in Good Coal said the newly established company will promote its Pristine-M technology. Archean Group, a conglomerate with diversified business interests, owns the majority 55% stake.

The partners plan to develop a 10%-sized commercial pilot plant in Oklahoma in the US by early 2013 to prove the process, with Archean Group committing to contribute US$2 million.

They expect to build full-scale commercial plants in Indonesia once the pilot plant has been successfully commissioned.
Robin Eves, Director, President and CEO of Clean Coal Technologies Inc, said:
“The execution of the JV agreement and the licensing agreement delivers both tangible evidence of the efficacy and appeal of our Pristine-M™ technology as we continue to achieve new milestones.

“This event should serve as both a validation of our proprietary technology and demonstration of the coal mining and electric power communities’ receptiveness to produce premium coal using it. We applaud Archean for leading the charge toward higher-efficiency energy in this region.”